TOTS Release Date Prediction

FIFA19 7 - TOTS Release Date Prediction

I've seen people speculating about when TOTS will come out, So I've spent a very long time gathering info from various years of TOTS to give you everything you need to have the best idea to when TOTS will release in FIFA 19.

FIFA 18 TOTS was announced April 15th during the FIFAeWorldCup live stream, they stated that tots would come out April 27th and would be voted by the community via Futwiz and Futbin. TOTS most consistent, aka "Community TOTS" came out Friday, April 27th, along with with EFL and one ROW weekly objective player. One thing to note is PL POTY SBCs came out April 22nd, 5 days before TOTS, and 12 days before PL TOTS.

FIFA 17 TOTS was announced May 8th, this stated that TOTS would release May 12th and a gold, silver, and bronze squad would be released into packs. During FIFA 17, they announced some players during pro event live streams, it seems that they like to pull viewers into there live streams with info regarding TOTS.

FIFA 16 TOTS was announced April 24th, this stated that TOTS most consistent would release April 29th, and there would be over 15 TOTS squads, new packs, and tournaments which you could obtain specific TOTS cards.

FIFA 15 TOTS was a bit different, on May 5th, EA announced that tots was delayed, but was coming soon. They then said "its time" on May 20th, stating that TOTS was that day at 9pm UK time. Community TOTS consisting of a bronze, silver, and gold squad was released.

FIFA 14 TOTS was announced to be soon, on April 7th, and released voting for TOTS gold, silver, and bronze squads. TOTS was officially announced to release on April 23rd, this announcement was made April 21st.


After looking into these dates, It is clear to see that there is no exact pattern to when TOTS is announced, and how early it is announced compared to the release date, but they do seem to either announce TOTS four days before release, or 10-12 days before, depending of TOTS will be community voted. One additional thing that you should look out for is upcoming pro events. Seeing that EA love to get viewers into the pro event live streams (which nobody watches otherwise) the next event is the ELEAGUE Qualifying Event, which takes place May 3-5, this could most definitely give info regarding TOTS.

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After looking into this info, here’s my two predictions of when TOTS could release, and when it could be announced.

1- TOTS to come out Friday, May 10th. I think that they could announce TOTS either Friday the 3rd, or Tuesday the 7th, possibly during the qualifying event over the weekend as well. If EA plan on doing something related to Copa America, this would lineup perfectly, as the final TOTS squad would expire exactly one week after the first Copa America kick off. If they released something similar to Festival or Football, this would lineup well.

2- TOTS to come out Friday, May 17th. I was torn between the 10th and 17th but went for the 10th as my first option. They would most likely announce TOTS May 7th, or May 13th in this case.

Thank you all for reading this, it took me multiple hours to get all this information so an upvote would be appreciated! Let me know your predictions as well, I’d love to hear them.

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