#TOTSWATCH Megathread

FIFA19 7 - #TOTSWATCH Megathread

The best and worst thing EA ever do.

Teams already been leaked if you want to save yourself watching the stream. Van Dijk’s defending should be 97 rather then 87 but everything else is right.

w1fuPKe - #TOTSWATCH Megathread

Watch it here if you’re brave enough:

Timeline (of me losing my sanity) :


  • Everton fan wins Liverpool’s TOTS Alisson. Is a real champ about it though as the card didn’t end up in the water.

  • Presenter’s ear piece falls out. Cue chat spamming !earpiece

  • Presenters get annoyed that people keep putting !alisson after the raffle winners have been announced. The chat is crazy.


  • Sound on live stream for Laporte goes out of sync with the video

  • Man drives 4 hours to get TOTS Laporte. Absolute hero!

  • Presenter thinks Zidane is an ICON

  • The !playername format for twitch chat raffle changes to #TOTS. The chat is going crazy, nice that people watching can win stuff.

Van Dijk

  • They go to the live stream in Liverpool and the sounds cuts out. They quickly go back to the studio where the presenters were having a water break. Cue chat typing !water and #water

  • The guy who found Van Dijk is loving life! So happy!

  • Presenters get annoyed AGAIN because people keep spamming the chat with raffle entries. The chat is currently the fastest moving thing I’ve ever seen


  • The stream from a game store in Liverpool starts, to surprise of the guy just shopping behind them who looks disgusted at the whole situation. Great hair though.

  • Of all the stats on the TOTS Robertson LB they talk about the 74 shooting

  • Presenter gets Shaqiri confused with Firmino. They’re doing well considering they’ve not been given much to talk about though.


  • Live stream from Manchester starts. Except nobody told the presenter and a 20 second awkward silence ensues. The suspense is real.

  • Presenter suggests Phil Foden, who has 1 goals and 0 assists this season, should get into the TOTS. But again they really don’t have much to talk about so they’re doing well.

  • Fernandinho card falls over in the wind and is revealed to everyone watching! Classic.

  • Presenters get annoyed A THIRD TIME at people spamming #tots for the raffle in the twitch chat. Chat is still moving faster than TOTS Sterling.


Bernardo Silva

  • Presenter gives a clue saying the train station rhymes with ‘Beuston’.

  • Presenter suggests Etienne Capoue could be the TOTS midfielder. One day Etienne, one day.

  • The question to win Bernardo Silva is which french team did City sign Silva from out of Monaco, Porto or Benfica. Still waiting for someone to get it wrong!


  • The chat is still relentless with #tots. It’s going quick enough to give you an epileptic fit

  • Important to note the presenters are doing well considering they’re being made to talk about the same thing for 3 hours

  • Starting to think it’s impossible to get the question wrong.

  • The team is shown on screen and it looks like we’re rocking the 3-3-4 formation.

  • Presenters start promoting packs – can only imagine some EA guy is holding their family hostage behind the camera


  • We’re back in Liverpool and everything is very special. According to the presenter at least

  • A lot to bread related banter. I’m loafing it.

  • Origi suggested for the Liverpool TOTS candidate. Finally big D’s quality is being recognised.

  • A Mo Salah pie is revealed before the Mo Salah card. Priorities.

  • Presenters launch a desperate attempt to be able to close their eyes and not see the words #tots. The raffle word is changed to #salah, which instantly fills the chat.

  • Salah’s goal against Chelsea is shown. Forgot how good it was.

  • Presenter is now regretting the #salah decision and is telling people to stop typing it. I don’t envy them right now.


  • We’re live in u/Pidjesus nan’s toilet where a TOTS Aubameyang has been found.

  • u/Pidjesus nan has unfortunately been unable to answer the question ‘Name the entire Gabon team’ and does not get a Aubameyang in her FUT club. She devastated as she was only one away.


  • Were back in London with either Aguero or Sterling. Clearly targeting the glory supporting London living Man City demographic now

  • Its Sterling! And the guy got there fast! Sounds cuts out but we can see the light at the end of tunnel now. Just Aguero left!

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