TOTT Parolo: Review after 10 games

FIFA19 4 - TOTT Parolo: Review after 10 games

So after a sweaty number of games in Div 4 this weekend, I finally managed to get Parolo. Truth be told, I always try and get challenges like this done during a WL as it tends to be slightly less stressful.

I put a Shadow chem style on him as I felt he needed pace and some defensive stats more than anything. I played 10 games today in DR (Div 4) and used him at both CDM and CM in periods throughout each game. 10 games isn’t a huge sample size but thought my views so far might help people decide whether or not to go for him.

Pace Nothing to write home about here. With a Shadow he felt just okay in terms of pace. He certainly doesn’t bomb around like Kante but he definitely isn’t slow enough to make him a complete liability.

Passing Again, nothing majorly negative or positive here. His short passing is good and he snagged 4 assists total for me. He’s definitely capable of playing a striker in with a through ball. His long passing is a bit inconsistent though, with a few of them going straight through to the keeper.

Defending It may have been the Shadow card but I was majorly impressed with his defending skills; with Shadow he gets 93 interceptions, 88 stand tackle and 99 slide tackle. His tackles are very clean and I found he was winning possession back for me quite often. This heat map from a MOTM performance shows his tackling is clean and he is great at winning the ball back. That being said, CDM isn’t the ideal position for him as you can see from the heatmap that he likes to get forward, probably due to the H/H workrates. All in all though, he’s a real presence in midfield.


Shooting Long shots (91) and Shot Power (92) are already superb without any boosts. He scored 5 goals for me total with every one coming from outside the box. His curve (68) isn’t great but his finesse shots don’t seem to be majorly affected by that. As you’d expect though, his finishing (74) can be hit and miss.

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Dribbling This is probably the weakest stat on this card. He can certainly drive forward with the ball at his feet (83 ball control and 78 dribbling) but that’s all you can really expect from him. He does feel a little stiff on the ball, probably due the 70 agility so it’s very hard to dribble around the opponent with him. It isn’t a card killer, just don’t be expecting a smooth, evasive CM if that’s what you are looking for.

Physical The 90 stamina is absolutely crucial on this card as he does like to get up and down the pitch all game. Even when used aggressively, he has enough in the tank to last the full 90 without a noticeable affect on his performance. His strength is only 78 but I actually found him to be reasonably strong in-game. He felt tenacious in the tackle and at 6ft tall, I never found he was seriously bullied by any other player in the 10 games I played.

Conclusion Considering that this is a free card, I can’t recommend him enough. Imagine a less pacy and agile Matuidi with better shooting and you get a rough approximation of what this card offers. He can definitely do a job at CDM but he really shines at CM. He isn’t the perfect card, the slight clunkiness and lack of pace can be a bit of a hindrance at times. Still, he is a big presence in midfield and is definitely worth taking a look at.

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