TOTW 16 Predictions

FIFA19 2 - TOTW 16 Predictions

Shortlist Spreadsheet:


  1. I do not work for EA, hence player picks/ratings/images are not final.
  2. This is not who I want in the TOTW, but rather who I think EA will choose.
  3. Likewise, there are other, more deserving players who should be in the team, but at times EA doesn't seem to care much about real-life performance (See TOTW 10).
  4. Because of the winter break for most leagues, there are limited options. Having said that I still don't think EA will include 2 players from the same match and as such have chosen not to myself.

Many candidates from the PL this week, meaning a few deserving candidates are likely to miss out.

Key Points/Remarks:

  • As you may be aware, there are rumours that the allegations against Cristiano Ronaldo mean that EA won't give him any special cards or do any promotions with him until the situation is cleared up. I simply can't see that being the case, but it's something to keep an eye on.
  • I know the consensus here is that Firmino will be an 87 (and regularly he would be) but EA have in the past made exceptions for certain players and I think that will be the case here. As FUTMAS cards are not in packs, making him an 88 will mean a more appealing card and thus more packs opened.
  • Likewise, Eriksen features over Kyle Walker-Peters for this same reason. Usually 3 assists from RB would be enough (especially for a PL player) but Eriksen also played well and is a *much* more appealing card for the community. Unfortunate, but that is the direction EA has taken the TOTW this year. Some will say that they should both feature, but If I were to start predicting 2 players for a good match we'd have 4 Liverpool players, 4 United players, 2 Spurs players, 2 Chelsea players and would have no room in the team for anyone else!
  • Ivan Toney is the only player with a hat-trick to miss out for me this week. I feel someone had to, and both Mancuso, Pazzini and Sinclair have arguably had better performances.
  • I reckon we'll see one of Jarrod Bowen or Jackson Irvine for Hull with each having 1 MOTM to their name this week – I've simply gone for Irvine.
  • I have a few talents but graphic design is most certainly not one of them (not that you needed me to tell you that lol). I've done my best at providing Dynamic Images for the starting XI, but I'm well aware there'll be flaws and I'm happy to take any suggestions on this front as well.
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I'm sure you think I've missed a few players. As long as you're civil about it I'm more than happy to take suggestions/opinions!

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