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FIFA19 8 - TOTW 26 Predictions

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Shortlist Spreadsheet:



  1. I do not work for EA, hence player picks/ratings/images are not final.
  2. This is not who I want in the TOTW, but rather who I think EA will choose.
  3. Likewise, there are other, more deserving players who should be in the team, but at times EA doesn't seem to care much about real-life performance (See TOTW 10).
  4. There are again a few games left to play on the Monday as well as a few fringe matches Sunday night. In the past few weeks these matches have not been included in the TOTW by EA.
  5. I do my best to make sure that dynamic images are from the matches in question. Every now and then I may reuse an image or use an image from a previous game if I can't find any good ones to use that are more recent.
  6. G= Goals, A= Assists, MOTM= Man of the Match, CS=Clean Sheet, MR= Match Rating
  7. Like EA seem to do, I consider G then A then MOTM awards then match rating in that order when selecting players.
  8. No, I don't watch every game. I watch what games I can, but all of my predictions are based off match stats and ratings after the fact.
  9. No, I don't hate your team. I've mentioned on here before that I'm a lifelong United supporter. With that being said, I've actually underestimated the number of United IFs this year. I do my best not to be biased and I'm certainly not sat here leaving out players out of some sort of spite.
  10. With Carniball promos going on this week, none of those players are eligible for In-Form cards this week.
  11. In-form cards are calculated on a single game basis only. That means that combined performances don't count (1G in Game 1 and 2G in Game 2 do not equal 3G when considering players), performance over the course of the season doesn't affect player eligibility. In theory number of special cards, community popularity and existence of live OTW/Headliners cards doesn't affect eligibility either, but I think we can all agree that's patently false.

Key Points/Remarks:

  • Sometimes with these predictions it's very much a case of trying to fit square pegs into round holes where I have to go for the second or third-best player due to position constraints. For example:
    • Moise Kean is the obvious option for Juventus this week (2G+MOTM). The problem is that the squad already includes 10 forwards out of 23 total players – Sterling (3G+MOTM), Ben Yedder (3G+MOTM), Belotti (2G+MOTM, 86 Rated SIF), Mane (2G+MOTM, 88 Rated SIF), Terodde (3G+MOTM), Vardy (2G+1A+MOTM), and Anderson Lopes (4G+MOTM) are all locks this week as far as I'm concerned. That leaves Dembele (2G) and Ajorque (2G+MOTM) who had similar performances to Kean. The problem here is that both were in the same match and I can't see only one being included. As far as I'm concerned, that means both will feature and therefore cannot find room for Kean at all. The next best player in terms of match rating was Emre Can (who is not eligible due to Carniball promo) and thus I've gone for the third best in Bentancur who had 1G and 1A.
    • Karim Benzema is the obvious option for Real Madrid (2G+1A+MOTM). I run into the same issue here as with Kean, though to a lesser extent. Usually I'd say that his rating and badge would carry him into the team regardless, but given that Varane also got a goal and an 8.2 match rating, and given the overall defensive shortage this week I think it's feasible to expect to see him instead.
  • Maurice Trapp could well feature this week for Osnabruck scoring 2G from CB (I hear at least one was a brilliant FK though I have no way to verify this). I've included Aiwu instead who also scored 2G for Admira simply due to the high number of German players already featuring.
  • Bernd Leno had a decent match but was given a fairly average 7/10 match rating. He also only recorded 4 saves, which is usually not enough to see a keeper included in the TOTW. Again I suspect his rating and badge may see him shoehorned in, but I think both Steffen and Costil are more likely options.
  • Lewandowski is currently in TOTW 25 and thus is not eligible to feature next week. I have included Gnabry instead who had 1G1A.
  • Ismaily had 2A+MOTM for Shakhtar Donetsk in a massive 5-0 victory, but I'm still not sure he features. Jordi Alba was twice snubbed already this year with 2A from the same LB position, so I'm hardly confident a Ukranian League LB will make it with the same tally. We'll see.
  • Apologies for the later upload today, the team just seemed to take longer to put together today than usual – no idea why! 🙂

I'm sure you think I've missed a few players. As long as you're civil about it I'm more than happy to take suggestions/opinions!

If Monday's matches are included this week: Will be updated here after Monday's matches

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