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Shortlist Spreadsheet:



  1. I do not work for EA, hence player picks/ratings/images are not final.
  2. This is not who I want in the TOTW, but rather who I think EA will choose.
  3. Likewise, there are other, more deserving players who should be in the team, but at times EA doesn't seem to care much about real-life performance (See TOTW 10).
  4. There are again a few games left to play on the Monday as well as a few fringe matches Sunday night. In the past few weeks these matches have not been included in the TOTW by EA.
  5. I do my best to make sure that dynamic images are from the matches in question. Every now and then I may reuse an image or use an image from a previous game if I can't find any good ones to use that are more recent.
  6. G= Goals, A= Assists, MOTM= Man of the Match, CS=Clean Sheet, MR= Match Rating
  7. Like EA seem to do, I consider G then A then MOTM awards then match rating in that order when selecting players.
  8. No, I don't watch every game. I watch what games I can, but all of my predictions are based off match stats and ratings after the fact.
  9. No, I don't hate your team. I've mentioned on here before that I'm a lifelong United supporter. With that being said, I've actually underestimated the number of United IFs this year. I do my best not to be biased and I'm certainly not sat here leaving out players out of some sort of spite.
  10. In-form cards are calculated on a single game basis only. That means that combined performances don't count (1G in Game 1 and 2G in Game 2 do not equal 3G when considering players), performance over the course of the season doesn't affect player eligibility. In theory number of special cards, community popularity and existence of live OTW/Headliners cards doesn't affect eligibility either, but I think we can all agree that's patently false.

Key Points/Remarks:

  • Lionel Messi is not eligible this week due to his recent CL MOTM card this week. With the perceived lack of quality this week, I expect Barcelona to feature in some form and have thus gone for Luis Suarez (1G1A).
  • James Rodriguez is not eligible this week because of his TOTW 26 IF card. (Rant- This is what happens when EA starts awarding these arbitrary IF cards for 1G0A. I don't have any interest in using any particular Special Bayern cards so it's not a matter of personal interest, but if you're going to have a rule where players can't have back-to-back IF cards (which I happen to agree with) then you also cannot be handing out cards at a whim just to boost a team! Suddenly this week James goes and scores 3G1A and he can't get a special card because last week, even as the third or fourth-best player on the pitch, EA decided that he was deserving of an IF purely because his card had a '91' on it. It's not the first time this kind of thing has happened this year and it makes a mockery of the idea that the TOTW is simply the best 23 players of the week. Anyways.)
  • I start these predictions early on Sunday and my cut-off point is after all of the European Leagues have finished for the weekend. That means that a few MLS, Liga MX, Liga Dimayor, Campeonato Scotiabank and Argentinean League matches do get overlooked occasionally. This has yet to affect the TOTW this year as these matches are generally considered 'minor' matches by EA, but I will start to differentiate between Sunday and Monday matches down below in my edits to try and explain why players like Carlos Vela last week aren't included in the team.
  • There were only a few PL matches this week as the FA Cup was also played. Cup matches are not eligible for the TOTW and therefore there are very limited PL options to choose from. Both James Maddison and Richarlison are options but I can't see either of the two displacing anyone already in the team.
  • Lewandowski featured in TOTW 25 and is thus still not eligible for an IF this week; Kingsley Coman (1G) and subtitute Alphonso Davies (1G) are options but I've gone for Leon Goretzka, who was awarded an 8.8/10 rating despite having 0G1A. I think we'll see one Bayern player, I'm just not certain as to who it will be.
  • Sam Johnstone probably deserves to be in the team with two worthy performances this week, but I can't see where he fits in. I can't see an 81-rated GK leading the team which is why Butland gets in, and I can't see both keepers being English, Championship players. Unfortunately that means Johnstone misses out.
  • Luis Alberto appears to have played CM in a 3-5-1-1; the source I use doesn't necessarily distinguish between CM and CAM, and if he played CAM it could well be moved to CF just like his non-IF card. If anyone knows for certain, please do let me know!
  • Mario Fernandes is a bit of a punt with 1G0A+MOTM+CS for CSKA Moscow. Were he higher-rated then I'd be more certain, but unfortunately EA may deem his 84 card to be unnecessary and exclude him.
  • I've started r/TOTWPredictions as a fun place for other people to share predictions if they so wish. I will continue to post here on a weekly basis and the new sub is really just a bit of fun, so nothing will change if you decide you're not interested 🙂

I'm sure you think I've missed a few players. As long as you're civil about it I'm more than happy to take suggestions/opinions!

Changes after Sunday's late matches:

If Monday's matches are included this week: Will be updated after Monday's matches

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