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FIFA19 4 - TOTW 35 Predictions

gk73101snvx21 - TOTW 35 Predictions

Shortlist Spreadsheet:

Last Week: 16/23



  1. I do not work for EA, hence player picks/ratings/images are not final.
  2. This is not who I want in the TOTW, but rather who I think EA will choose.
  3. Likewise, there are other, more deserving players who should be in the team, but at times EA doesn't seem to care much about real-life performance (See TOTW 10).
  4. There are a number of games left to play on the Monday as well as a few fringe matches Sunday night. In the past few weeks these matches have not been included in the TOTW by EA, though I think they will very likely influence this week's TOTW given the magnitude of the matches (more on this at the end of the next section).
  5. EA have not included Tuesday games for months now and I don't see that starting back up this week. I have therefore included Tuesday candidates in my spreadsheet (labeled -TU) but not in my predictions.
  6. I do my best to make sure that dynamic images are from the matches in question. Every now and then I may reuse an image or use an image from a previous game if I can't find any good ones to use that are more recent.
  7. G= Goals, A= Assists, MOTM= Man of the Match, CS=Clean Sheet, MR= Match Rating
  8. Like EA seem to do, I consider G then A then MOTM awards then match rating in that order when selecting players.
  9. Players are not eligible for back to back IF cards, nor are they eligible for next week's TOTW if they are in a current promo. In my experience EA also has a tendency to require at least 2 TOTWs between consecutive IF cards; others say the rule is 1 IF card per calendar month, while others still say that there must be at least two fortnights between IF cards. EA can, of course, choose to bend their own rules if and when they wish, but I will very rarely predict against this rule.
  10. No, I don't watch every game. I watch what games I can, but all of my predictions are based off match stats and ratings after the fact.
  11. No, I don't hate your team. I've mentioned on here before that I'm a lifelong United supporter. With that being said, I've actually underestimated the number of United IFs this year. I do my best not to be biased and I'm certainly not sat here leaving out players out of some sort of spite.
  12. In-form cards are calculated on a single game basis only. That means that combined performances don't count (1G in Game 1 and 2G in Game 2 do not equal 3G when considering players), performance over the course of the season doesn't affect player eligibility. In theory number of special cards, community popularity and existence of live OTW/Headliners cards doesn't affect eligibility either, but I think we can all agree that's patently false.
  13. With TOTS going on, I cannot predict exactly who will be in the upcoming teams and thus have decided to play it safe. Should EA follow a similar pattern to last year, this TOTW will overlap with the EPL and possibly Bundesliga TOTS.

Key Points/Remarks:

  • As I've mentioned above, I'm expecting this upcoming TOTW to overlap with the EPL and possibly Bundesliga. As such, the following candidates have been excluded from contention as I believe there is a possibility that they may feature in the TOTS squads: Sadio Mane, Aymeric Laporte, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Peter Gulacsi, Fabian Schar. Once again, let me be explicit – I am not making PL nor BL predictions here but rather avoiding players that I think may possibly feature in the team. As well, I don't expect the TOTW to be as weak as this prediction, as I expect that the excluded players that EA has decided not to include in the TOTS will feature in the TOTW; I just don't have this information myself.
  • Likewise, Abderazzak Hamdallah scored yet another hattrick this week yet is excluded from the team. I am fully confident that he will feature in the ROTW TOTS and as such can't see EA releasing a 5IF this close to the release of his TOTS card. Again, I might be wrong, but I have a feeling that this will be the case.
  • Both Tomas Koubek and Benjamin Lecomte are GK options from Ligue 1, although I think Anthony is most likely to get a 2IF for his CS against Olympique Lyonnais.
  • Florenzi is a bit of a longshot this week with Edin Dzeko being the standout player for Roma. However, 1G1A is usually not enough for a non-META/non-PL striker to be included. Combined with the lack of defensive options, and I've gone for Florenzi with 1G+CS against Juventus.
  • Diego Castro is unlucky to miss out for 1G1A+MOTM+10/10 match rating for Perth in what I understand to be a playoff match – I just don't think his card will be nearly popular enough to be included over Gaitan and Raul Garcia.
  • Dusan Tadic had 2G+MOTM for Ajax from LW this week, though he misses out due to Mlapa and Omarsson's hattricks. That being said, the team is lacking in higher-rated options so I would not be surprised to see an 87 Tadic in the squad come Wednesday.
  • Jesus Corona has very much been included for his rating alone, as EA are (unfortunately) apt to do. He scored 1G1A in Porto's 4-0 victory which would not usually be enough for a Liga NOS card, but I think a lack of midfield options may see him included this week.

I'm sure I've missed a few players. As long as you're civil about it I'm more than happy to take suggestions/opinions!

Changes after Sunday's late matches:

If Monday's matches are included this week:

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