UCL & EL RTTF Cards Update – 07.03.19

FIFA19 5 - UCL & EL RTTF Cards Update - 07.03.19

With the first round of Champions League knockout stage games over and done with and the first leg of Europa League games completed as well, let's have a look at which cards are due to be injected with a tasty ratings boot, and which ones will have their growths stunted like a pre-HGH Lionel Messi.

PlayerTeamOriginal RatingCurrent RatingPotential Next RatingQualification Status
Benzema (ST)Real Madrid868990Eliminated – No Further Upgrades
Fernandez (CB)Real Madrid858788Eliminated – No Further Upgrades
Aurier (RB)Tottenham868788Qualified – Will Be Upgraded
Sanchez (CB)Tottenham868889Qualified – Will Be Upgraded
Philipp (ST)Borussia Dortmund828486Eliminated – No Further Upgrades
Pulisic (RM)Borussia Dortmund848687Eliminated – No Further Upgrades
Sanchez (LW)Manchester United888990Qualified – Will Be Upgraded
Lingard (CAM)Manchester United848687Qualified – Will Be Upgraded
Kimpembe (CB)PSG858687Eliminated – No Further Upgrades
Cavani (ST)PSG919293Eliminated – No Further Upgrades
Tagliafico (LB)Ajax828486Certain – Will Be Upgraded
Alex Telles (LB)Porto868788Certain – Will Be Upgraded
Florenzi (RB)Roma848788Eliminated – No Further Upgrades


How do you know which upgrade my player will receive?

Just like when the cards were first announced, and whenever I've had a question about the cards, I've read
fifa ultimate team road to final faq - UCL & EL RTTF Cards Update - 07.03.19

this link. You should too.

My team has qualified. When will my cards upgrade?

My, I'm copying and pasting a lot from my last post. EA's FAQ page states that the upgrades will happen "each time their team succeeds at select stages during the tournament", and also that "Dynamic Player Items can take a few hours to update in-game". From hanging around in the modqueue the past few months, some of you guys are insanely impatient but here goes. Disclaimer: I could be completely wrong – and I'm welcome to be corrected in the comments – but I think they've generally been updated within 48 hours of the final matches of that week happening.

Excuse me Davelbast, what about the rest of the cards?

Even though my Mrs is out tonight, I'll be honest here – I'm too knackered to look at the qualification permutations for teams for the remaining CL and EL fixtures. You're more than welcome to have a goosey gander for yourself. Also, to save being hung, drawn and quartered for any incorrect predictions I make in regards to results, I'm only posting the fixtures and their current scores.

Team 1Team 2Aggregate Going Into 2nd LegTeam 1 PlayersPotential Next UpgradesTeam 2 PlayersPotential Next Upgrades
Manchester CitySchalke3:2Aguero (92) Sterling (90)Aguero (93) Sterling (91)Fahrmann (86)Fahrmann (87)
Bayern MunichLiverpool0:0Sanches (84)Rodriguez (90)Sanches (86)Rodriguez (91)Fabinho (86)Van Dijk (87)Fabinho (87)Van Dijk (88)
BarcelonaLyon0:0Suarez (93) Pique (89)Suarez (94) Pique (90)Fekir (86)Fekir (87)
JuventusAtletico Madrid0:2Cuadrado (87)Douglas Costa (88)Cuadrado (88)Douglas Costa (89)Griezmann (92)Filipe Luis (88)Griezmann (93)Filipe Luis (89)

But Davelbast, what about the Europa League cards?

Shit. Right, here you go… same as above.

Team 1Team 2Aggregate Going Into 2nd LegPlayer(s)Potential Next Upgrade
Dynamo KyivChelsea0:3Marcos Alonso (87)88
Slavia PragueSevilla2:2Ben Yedder (87)88
VillarealZenit3:1Gerard Moreno (87)88
BenficaDynamo Zagreb0:1Pizzi (87)88
FC KrasnodarValencia1:2Kondogbia (87)88
Inter MilanEintracht Frankfurt0:0Inter: Perisic (88)Frankfurt: Rebic (86)Inter: Perisic (89)Frankfurt: Rebic (87)
ArsenalRennes1:3SIF Mkhitaryan (88)Mkhitaryan (89)

BUT DAVELBAST, what about the REST of the Europa League cards?

Can I get some F's up in the chat for those no longer with us? I'm talking about Mathieu, Milinkovic-Savic, Tah and Hamsik. The first three's teams (Sporting Lisbon, Lazio and Bayer Leverkusen respectively) have all been knocked out, and Hamsik has transferred to the CSL so his EL RTTF card will no longer be eligible for upgrade.

My card has gone up/down by x amount since I purchased it. When should I sell?

Buy low, sell high. This post took me way longer than I thought so I've no mildly sarcastic comments to make. Do what you want, just don't blame me when you do it.

What do you think to the new promo?

Not a lot really, I can count on one hand the amount of games I've played since Futmas.

Are.. are you interviewing yourself now?

Yes. I should probably go to bed now, shouldn't I? Peace…

Oh yeah, before I go – one last shameless plug for our March Mod Team Update. /u/iamstrgl worked really really hard on it and did lots of good writing. Also, there's some pretty important polls in there that will help shape the future of our sub. Check it out, and vote if you haven't already.

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