UCL Moments Florenzi VS Fut-Birthday David Alaba. – The ultimate wide midfielders comparison.

FIFA19 5 - UCL Moments Florenzi VS Fut-Birthday David Alaba. - The ultimate wide midfielders comparison.

The ultimate wide midfielders comparison and helping you choose what's best for you!

So after using Alaba (around 250 games, 60 goals and 60 assists// architect) on 7 chem at LM in a 352 and Florenzi (210 games, 25 goals and 55 assists// basic) on 10 chem at RM on the same tactics and instructions and in the same team.

Instructions: Come back on defence, stay wide. Florenzi is on left corner duty whereas Alaba is on right corner duty. I do not really play crossing all the time but that has become a very important dimension to my game specially while up against players who play very narrow with next to no width.

I am finally in a position to tell you guys how to use them best and can Alaba be a good replacement for Florenzi for chem reasons or if you couldn't complete him at that time.

Both the players have very similar stats but they play very differently despite remotely playing the same position.

I'll keep the observations and comparisons very simple for you to understand:

  1. Going forward: Alaba is straight out better, his positioning on overlapping runs and finishing feels better than Florenzi's whereas longshots and volleys are where Florenzi excels. It's like when you pass or get a through ball out to Alaba on the overlap, he's much more central while attacking so more often than not you can go straight and take either a diagonal shot on goal or a straight driven or a near post finish. Basically giving you a lot of options to score from. With Florenzi it's simple, you can only really shoot diagonally most times as he takes the ball on too wide compared to Alaba. Although Alaba takes beautiful long range efforts, Florenzi is a lot more consistent with his longshots and volleys and finds the target most of the times even if it's not a goal.
  2. Crossing and passing: Alaba is very good at crossing and his early crossing (L1+cross) is pinpoint but then again, he attacks pretty centrally and sometimes the crosses aren't lethal enough, Florenzi on the other hand can whip crosses for days from any position and even when he's central, the crosses are much more accurate. On the corner however, Alaba takes better corners for days, hence his assists are very high. But Florenzi's natural wide positioning makes the long crosses to the backpost a treat for a tall striker. Alaba has a wicked throughball on him and his passes are very penetrating, Florenzi feels great in 1-2's and short passing but Alaba's through balls around the defence are just outright better.
  3. Dribbling: Florenzi feels way smoother on the ball and the 4 star skills really help in beating the man whereas Alaba only has a handful of moves to beat your man. However, the ball control on Alaba feels better, the ball just sticks to his feet. But I still prefer Florenzi on the ball as he turns very quickly and finds a lot of space for himself. Alaba feels more like a central midfielder who receives the ball, turns and spreads it around.
  4. Defending: I am not going to lie, I prefer Alaba for defending. In the opposition box and in my box, I prefer Alaba and in the middle of the pitch I prefer Florenzi. What I like about Alaba in defending is that he's able to win some aerial balls and also tackles better. Florenzi intercepts better and clears the ball better but if I need to catch up on a winger or substitute for my out of position wide center back, then Alaba is definitely my preferred option. So, they're both very good and feel like 3-5-2 going forward and 5-2-1-2 while defending but Alaba is just always in slightly better positions while defending counters in my opinion.
  5. Physicality: Alaba feels stronger and can shield the ball a lot better but at the same time, if the game goes into extra time then he's gassed and Florenzi can go for 120 minutes and never break a sweat. It's really a 50-50 here.
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All in all, I feel like this combination is hands down one of the best combinations to build around the 352 with how versatile both the players are and how much they add to your game. They make you a better player with added defensive and attacking options. I would recommend the both but if you did miss out on Florenzi then I hope I was able to give you an insight into Alaba and his attributes too. If there are any more questions then feel free to ask me in the comments and I'll be glad to help you get through them!

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