Unorthodox custom instructions for 4231 to make it more dominant

FIFA19 1 - Unorthodox custom instructions for 4231 to make it more dominant

I was struggling breaking down people parking the bus so spent a few hours tweaking different things in 4231 to see what works. There was an interview with Guardiola a while ago that he said he always aims to overload one side of the pitch then quickly switch the play to the other side and score and I thought why not do that in Fifa.

The current meta 4231 custom tactics are instructing one CDM and fullbacks to stay back and having the wide cams provide the width and using your central cam and striker to score goals. For me having the fullbacks on attacking duty to provide width and using the wide cams as inside forwards and primary goal scoring outlets has worked wonders. In-game, it would look something like this in terms of how players position themselves:


I'll start with fullbacks because they are the most important part of the custom tactics: you will need fast players who have minimum 4* skill moves so you can use skill moves like La Croqueta to dribble past defenders. High vision as well as passing is important to be able to retain posession.

Instructions: join the attack, aggressive interceptions, mixed attack

Players I use: Cancelo and Grimaldo


Instructions: stay back, cover wings, conservative interceptions, man mark

Your CDMs will play as like your centre backs in-game. They'll stay back and man mark opponents and won't move out of position to intercept passes. Don't control your CDMs, instead use your CAMs and fullbacks to run around and win the ball back. The nice thing about man marking is it will essentially shut down the middle of the pitch and your opponent will be forced to go wide and cross.

You need players who are comfortable on the ball and have high defensive workrates. I rotate between flashback Bradley, Ballack, Modric, and flashback De Rossi in that position

Sweeper CB

Instructions: aggressive interceptions, join the attack


Get someone who is massive and fast with decent ability on the ball, then when defending switch to him and ram into whoever has the ball. Your CDMs will hold down the middle and man mark opponents forwards so your CB will be free to sweep up lose balls and ram into opponents without getting caught out of position.

I use Van Dijk and you could probably use aggressive CBs like Ramos, Sanchez, Cambpell, etc. in that role

Set the other CB on default instructions and don't touch him when defending.

Central CAM

Instructions: come back on defense, stick to position, aggressive interceptions

You need someone with decent defending and stamina to act pretty much as your third midfielder and use him to chase opponents when defending. I use Nedved and players like Nedved, Modric, Seedorf, Goretzka, etc. could all work there. He is more or less an "anti 10" that its primary job is to disrupt the opposition midfielders flow and intercept the ball to launch a counter attack.


Instructions: target man, stay central

You want someone strong that can play with their back to the goal and bring others into the game. Players like Ibra, Arnautovic, Socrates, etc. are perfect in that role.

Wide CAMs

Instructions: all on default, (if stamina is a concern, stay forward)

You want players who are great finishers and creators to play as inside forwards there. You want fast players with preferably H/L or H/M work rates. Mbappe, Neymar, Ronaldo, Figo, Hazard, etc. would all work there.


defending: balanced, 6 width, 2 depth

attacking: possession, 6 width, 4 players in the box, 2 corners and free kicks

Style of play:

Keep the ball to one side of the pitch using slow build up and then whenever the chance opens up, cutback to your striker or your other wide cam for a goal

Control your centre cam or sweeper CB when defending and don't touch your CDMs

Hopefully this will be useful!

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