Unpopular opinion: the biggest issue with this game is the majority of the community

FIFA19 9 - Unpopular opinion: the biggest issue with this game is the majority of the community

Feel free to downvote, I'm expecting it, and honestly not bothered about karma. Also before I say this, I totally understand there are dads of three out there who get half an hour a week to game, which is completely okay. This is aimed at people who have been playing FIFA daily for years.

95% of those I just mentioned are playing on settings akin to a call of duty aimbot. A mario game that auto jumps when you approach a gap. Or someone entering a cycling event at the Olympics with stabilisers. I don't want to sound elitist, but how is assisted still fun for you? You are playing pure RNG and then moaning that passes aren't going exactly where you think you've placed them. Can I ask what exactly you expect from assisted?

All I see on this sub is people hating on the game until their 500th pack gives them the player they wanted, then there's a love in for 5 minutes until you hate the game again.

As you play it now, FIFA is by FAR the easiest game on the shelves every year. For my first few months of FIFA, I hated the idea of manual. I played a few games on it against people who'd locked the settings to just that (back when that was a feature), and one day I actually messaged a guy at the end asking why he'd done that.

The reply he gave me was the most important message I've ever received on a console. It was a much longer version of "git gud". And you know what, there is NO stigma around saying that about any other game. Especially when playing in higher ranked modes. Let's ask ourselves why FIFA is the exception, and why you're consistently playing the game on settings that have such a low ceiling, and spending every day moaning about how bad the game is. It clearly isn't fun for you guys, so why not make a change? I got absolutely put down by that guy back on FIFA 10, and as annoyed as I was at the time, I realised that I'd been playing a ridiculously easy game, and wanted to feel like every goal and even every pass was actually rewarding. Full manual settings is exactly that. Pass stats effect how much the ball "slices" off the players foot, which only makes for a bigger challenge, identifying which player is on the ball and who has the ability to do certain things. Your controller input is what's shown on the screen, which simply isn't the case on assisted.


Like I said earlier, I'm expecting downvotes and nasty comments, and sure, bring it on. But whether you guys believe it or not, I'm giving you a way to, with just a couple weeks practice, enjoy the game 50x more than you do now. Full manual settings, and combine it with the broadcast camera (not Tele broadcast). Every pass and shot you make, successful or not, will feel real, and when it's successful, the slightest thing will feel rewarding. Losing to people still on the baby settings? Who cares, you're a thousand times better than them if you can even complete one five yard pass a game.

I've been playing full manual since FIFA 10. I have a tradition where I play five assisted games at the start of each year to check that it's still just as pathetic (which it is) then I switch back. I play most days and I am still nowhere near my ceiling. That's if there even is one. There is such a brilliant learning curve on manual that is easy to learn, but takes years to master. The only elitist thing I'll say here is this: if you've been playing FIFA since FIFA 15 or prior to that, are consistently in divs 1-3, and are still playing assisted.. then I'm sorry, but you are the biggest problem with FIFA right now and you should be ashamed of yourself.

TL;DR this game will NEVER be "fixed", "eSports ready", or remotely taken seriously in a competitive world, until at least divs 1-3 are locked to manual, the same way as it is in any other competitive game. Aimbot settings years down your FIFA path are not the one, and require zero skill.

For the last time, bring on the downvotes, but I'm trying to help. I used to hate manual, but can't tell you how red in the face I go now whenever I think about the fact that I played assisted for longer than a few weeks.

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