Unpopular opinion: The current seasonal EXP system is not fun to grind for.

FIFA19 10 - Unpopular opinion: The current seasonal EXP system is not fun to grind for.

This has to be an unpopular opinion, cuz everywhere else people are praising about it. But I have to say I have several complaints regarding to it, and I want to share it here. There are certainly some merits about the EXP system, which I might mention them as well, but overall I think there are much to be improved.

1:Delayed rewards.

I think that it is a fact that when every season commences and the moment we see the new rewards, we will be gassed. But will we still feel the same after like 40 days? It is so much easier to grind coins in recent FIFA, since we have Rivals and SB for rewards which are great, and Fut Champ players will get even more. The upgrade cycle is so fast that I don't think the last seasonal objective reward (storyline cards) can keep up with it. And I can't remember where did I read this, but for someone that is that grindy and complete 80% of objectives to get Zaha, they don't really need him cuz they are so hard-core and they must have enough coins to get even better players. Players that actually need that storyline card aren't that hard-core and that Zaha card might be unreachable for them. That will be the same in the next and the next seasons.

2:Undesirable rewards.


So far, rewards other than storyline cards are not great imo. There are so many Tifo and such, which are 'cool' stuff to some people but will surely died out quickly to the majority of the community. Packs are untradeable, which is not the best although they are still valuable in early stage. I do believe loan card will be replaced in later seasons. So much grind is needed for these, and probably only 5-6 items in the 30 rewards that are actually attractive to an average player. Compare to what is replaced (Weekly objective), at least those objectives are selective to that you can only complete those that you want to complete, and the rewards are instantaneous that you can get it as soon as you completed it, which is not the case anymore.

3:Dull grinding progress.

One of the best objective so far has to be Tanguy's OTW. The group reward system is brilliant, since you can get stuff for completing minor objective, and get the biggest reward for completing all of them. But the EXP objectives tho? Difficulty of those is arguable so I won't touch that here. But the fact that only EXP is rewarded for those objectives is just sad to see. Grinding those daily and weekly (and I don't even want to talk about how boring daily objectives are) objectives for just EXP which are only be useful for rewards that are delayed is not good at all. More minor rewards alongside EXP should be given to players so that they can be rewarded both instantly and long-termly for completing an objective.

Again, I am not completely against the system, and I do hope EA can improve this.

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