We now know why FIFA games continue to have so many problems

FIFA19 5 - We now know why FIFA games continue to have so many problems

Jason Schreier from Kotaku posted an article, link here, regarding all of the issues regarding Anthem's development. You might be thinking, what does this have to do with FIFA?

Well, it is explained how most EA games actually go into core development in a short time span, that Frostbite is a horrific engine for online games, and games that are not FPS games.

EA Vancouver is not DICE, they most likely don't have anyone from DICE that has extensive knowledge of Frostbite. Frostbite is mandated by EA to be used for every single game EVEN IF IT DOESN'T WORK.

Frostbite has legit issues, objective issues, and EA Vancouver can't say no can we use something that allows us to make a better game, and use an engine focused on Sports games. No, they have to use it, and make a game.

You know how we say there is no way EA played FIFA before it came out? Well, that's a common issue across the board at the company. They usually have very little time to play test, which means very little time to realize any issues, or fix them.

We are literally playing a BETA test for a long time. I played the FIFA 19 closed beta and did a handful of deep dive threads on it here, and my main point was that it was the most "Beta" of any Beta I have ever played. It felt that unpolished, and when the game came out, you all realized the same. This time it was the full product.

You know how everyone throws around git gud? Git gud at what? A legitimately under-developed game that thrives off of inconsistencies?

They want you to use a player and think man I missed that shot, maybe if I had a better player they would score, so you go spend money for a new player.

But that player can't score either. Because nothing is based in hard mechanics, it's inconsistent. If the game functioned like it says it would, and stats actually reflected in game performance, P2W squads would be literally unbeatable, and players who got boosts from chem styles would play miles above them without it.

They focus on the easier aspects, Visuals. Look at Anthem, it is absolutely stunning visually. FIFA actually looks good, in game faces (for scanned players) are near photo realistic. That's the allure, the most visually realistic football game in the world.

You've got real kits, badges, licensing, this and that. But no gameplay. It's either rehashed or has very little time to actually be refined.

If they actually put out a product worthy of being played at a high level, don't you think they would invest more money into the competitive scene? Do pro players make even a fraction of what other players in different games do? No. But the stages sure do look awesome, the visual design at the events catches your eyes.


When you put more money into the game you are showing them that it works, and the irony is they know you are going to do it. They have you, your hooked to a product and you can't get away because it feasts on your love for sport. It feeds off of your love for real life players. You need that CR7, that Neymar, that Messi. Oh he has a new flashy card with new stats I NEED IT.

EA is a company, they exist to make money. I think that is perfectly fine, and right to do so. I cannot judge them for making decisions that increase the amount of money they bring in and lower how much they spend. But we need to realize we are being dragged by desire, not by quality.

You see so many threads talking about how they sit in the menu, in love with their team but the moment they play the game they'd rather sit in the menu looking. If gameplay was this, if it was that, it would be so good. But it's not, and it never will be.

EA's developers aren't to blame, FIFA's community managers sure as hell aren't to blame. You have to sympathize with people who not only are getting fucked by their company, but then get abused by people rightfully mad about a product they unfortunately are tied to. But what option do they have? They need money, so they have a job at a big developer. They have families to feed and lives to live.

The devs are trying to give you the best product they possibly can, but the best product they can give you is a mediocre one because the company they work for has their hands tied not once but twice.

Hell, it's impressive that they manage to create what they create. Whenever a new player gets a face scan I am impressed by how good it looks. The person who modeled the face after the scan should be pleased with his or her work, but they get bashed instead for things they can't control.

You think Zaro and Co. dictate the numerical values and gameplay choices? No, and I can guarantee they are often sitting there in there mind saying "I have told the right people this complaint a thousand times, and they aren't doing it, and I can't do anything to change that".

You can tweet them however much you want, but it's out of their hands. It's the company itself that is to ignorant and caught up in it's own head to realize they are neutering their product for the sake of keeping margins.

EA could genuinely make astounding games, they have the resources and talent on board, there is no doubting that. But they never will with the type of leadership they have.

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