Weekly objective has made me hate everything I once loved…

FIFA19 5 - Weekly objective has made me hate everything I once loved...

I love Italians and their football. When I saw Parolo being a free card I got excited and decided to grind for it. I had forgot how much pain Verdi cost me a while back (useless btw I used him in a gold upgrade lol)

So there I was thinking this is going to be fun, trying out my new made Italian team. I was in division 3 so I figured it isn’t going to be that easy but I started out nicely during weekend league and got 3 wins.

Then Monday came. Every team had icons and Ronaldo and they absolutely butchered me. I’ve never rage quit that much in my life before. Didn’t win like 15 games in a row. I dropped to division 4 and called it a day.

I really didn’t want to continue with the challenge anymore but I figured I already have 3 wins and I went through hell yesterday so I won’t let it be in vain. Tuesday started with a losing streak once again and at this point I gave up on the Italian/Serie a team and used my A-team with subbing Immobile on at the start. I started to win again but it was extremely frustrating trying to get immobile to score. It got so unbearable that I did something what I shouldn’t. Dropped purposely on division 5. I probably would have anyway but I speeded up the process.


There I finally got my last couple wins. So now I’m looking at Parolo and thinking it cost absolutely everything to get him. My sanity, my dignity, hours and hours of my time. Dropped from around 2000 points to 1600.

I ended up absolutely being disgusted by Immobile. Hating fifa 12 legend El Shaarway, and the whole country, Italy. I think I’ve had enough of fifa for some time and I come back when icon set 4 is released.

If you got this far I thank you for reading and have a great rest of your day!

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