Weekly Objective: My Silver Journey

FIFA19 10 - Weekly Objective: My Silver Journey

Last week I thought it was time to start something I wanted to do for a few weeks now. Doing the Weekly Objective. The goal of the weekly objective was to win 6 games using only silver players. I thought about some rules etc. to make this more fun than playing the usual way, with this "gameplay situation".

My rules:

  • Use only silver players (obviously)
  • No Subs, and no switching around on your Starting Eleven.

The following "Rule" might upset some of you. But I thought I was a decent enough Idea and time to deal with attribute cards:

  • You are allowed to use attribute cards, but ONLY when the people received a MOTM and you can only use rare bronze attribute cards. Making these cards "dynamic"

The Team:

k1e6ddqk5cl21 - Weekly Objective: My Silver Journey

Game 1)

It was one of the hardest starts to any challenge I did these past FIFA's. Our team played good (since that was the first time I played with them all together), but we conceded early to a horrific mistake in the midfield. The defense, especially Kemar Lawrence had an amazing game and got voted to be the first MOTM. With a rating of 8.4, he had a 90% passing accuracy and won all of his dribbling's. Sadly, that wasn't enough and we lost 0:2 against our opponent. Even though we dominated them by possession and shots on target.

0:1 (14' A. Di Gaudio) 0:2 (44' F. Santander)

MOTM: Kemar Lawrence

li9xy1rd5cl21 - Weekly Objective: My Silver Journey

Game 2)

The second game came to a short end after the first half. As soon as Mike Grella scored our second goal, the opponent thought he had enough and left. That being said, Grella picked up his first MOTM with a rating of 9.1. He scored a goal, held a passing accuracy of 82%.

1:0 (17' L. Acosta) 2:0 (45'+3 M. Grella)

MOTM: Mike Grella

qupuqlji6cl21 - Weekly Objective: My Silver Journey

Game 3)

Once again, our midfield got lost during this game as we played a full Malmo Team. We conceded two early goals, which got us unmotivated during this match. Not much to say, the opponent was clearly very good and played better football than we did. This games MOTM belongs to Oscar Lewicki, who reached a 9.2 rating with a goal and two assists.

0:1 (7' A. Christiansen) 0:2 (13' O. Lewicki) 0:3 (42' R. Gall) 0:4 (60' M. Rosenberg)

MOTM: Oscar Lewicki

bgujhbhr7cl21 - Weekly Objective: My Silver Journey

Game 4)

The fourth games ending was devastating. After we scored two early goals, the opponent came back with two goals. We conceded the third and final goal in the 92nd minute. Nonetheless Luciano Acosta got his first MOTM as he scored both of our goals and won achieved a 9.2 rating.

1:0 (19' L. Acosta) 2:0 (23' L. Acosta) 2:1 (39' K. Boyd) 2:2 (54' L. Coulibaly) 2:3 (90'+2 K. Boyd)

MOTM: Luciano Acosta

tn5uqjww8cl21 - Weekly Objective: My Silver Journey

Game 5)

After our latest loss, I decided I had to change some of our tactics. I switched from default to possession based tactics and adjusted a few other little things. We won the next game 2:1, which was a close match til the end. Grella scored both, but didn't receive the MOTM award. Alan Gordon reached a 9.4 rating after he assisted both of our goals and played in this game a very crucial role.

0:1 (30' P. Frankowski) 1:1 (56' M. Grella) 2:1 (81' M. Grella)

MOTM: Alan Gordon

cnf91erw9cl21 - Weekly Objective: My Silver Journey

Game 6)

This was a very short match. The opponent had enough after two goals and left in the 14th minute. Alan Gordon reached back to back MOTM's due to his early goal.

1:0 (4' A. Gordon) 2:0 (14' A. Ring)

MOTM: Alan Gordon

8jhctfy9acl21 - Weekly Objective: My Silver Journey

Game 7)

After an early goal by our opponent, we fought hard and Lawrence was able to equalize it. In the second half, Acosta was able to finish a header in the back of the net. Once again, the second player with two MOTM awards was Mike Grella, who assisted both of our goals and made the opponents right back look stupid.

0:1 (16' M. Nyatama) 1:1 (39' K. Lawrence) 2:1 (65' L. Acosta)

MOTM: Mike Grella

h6namf80bcl21 - Weekly Objective: My Silver Journey

Game 8)

This game ended in the 8th minute, just as Alan Gordon scores an unbelievable screamer. Again, Gordon received yet another MOTM for his insane goal.

1:0 (4' A. Gordon)

MOTM: Alan Gordon

lc7wkwdnbcl21 - Weekly Objective: My Silver Journey

Game 9)

This could've been our last game. We scored early, but the opponent came back stronger. Even though we scored three goals (two of them were by Alan Gordon), we still lost 3:6 due to a double hattrick by Alvaro & Garcia. Alvaro claimed his MOTM for his hattrick and one assist.

1:0 (19' A. Gordon) 1:1 (25' A. Garcia) 1:2 (40' Alvaro) 2:2 (45' A. Gordon) 2:3 (50' Alvaro) 2:4 (65' A. Garcia)

3:4 (70' L. Acosta) 3:5 (77' Alvaro) 3:6 (86' A. Garcia)

MOTM: Alvaro

stwlv6orccl21 - Weekly Objective: My Silver Journey

Game 10)

It's the end of our journey. We won this game 2:0, Zusi's insane freekick gave us the lead and Barrios finally buried one for for us. This game's MOTM was Graham Zusi's, his freekick allowed us to control the game and play this match calmly.

1:0 (5' G. Zusi) 2:0 (38' M. Barrios)

MOTM: Graham Zusi

c4frxaccdcl21 - Weekly Objective: My Silver Journey

The games a done now, but we still have a few points to go through. If dynamic players were a thing, my team would look like this now:

2xe9ahbjdcl21 - Weekly Objective: My Silver Journey

Top Goalscorer was: Luciano Acosta with 5 Goals!

Every good journey has something to show for, so these are the three contenders for Goal of the Journey:

Alan Gordons incredible Screamer:

Mike Grella's solo goal:

And Graham Zusi's insane freekick:

I'm planning to do another one of these soon. What did you like? What did you don't like? Let me know so I can do it better for the future!

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