What about 2 options SBC for player that get 2POTM ?

FIFA19 4 - What about 2 options SBC for player that get 2POTM ?

It is almost a certainty that players that get a 2POTM (Like Reus) will need a Special cards for the POTM

For reus that would be either his IF, SIF or POTM which are all very expensive.

But what about releasing 2 2ndPOTM Reus options.

Option 1 : Requiring a Specal CAM Reus for people having his SIF untradeable or even his POTM (aswell as other SBC to complete)

Option 2 : No Special Reus required but instead a SBC requiring high overall and IF's which would be valued at roughly the same price of a special Reus. (aswell as the same other SBCs to complete from option 1)

This would benefit the players owning an untradeable Reus and would give a chance at people not owning a reus to do the SBC.


This would also benefit EA (coin sink) as this will not make IF and SIF Reus extinct and I'm sure a lot more people would complete this SBC if Reus wasn't required (some people could save about 100K using their untradeable high rated and buy the rest of SBC with their coins)

I don't know it seems that there would be no downside for every party involved. EA still "takes coins off the market" aswell as making high rated SBC fodder card more expensive, Curreent Reus owner gets to complete the SBC for a lot cheaper , and non reus Owners get a shot at completing it aswell.

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