What the hell has happened?

FIFA19 3 - What the hell has happened?

I'll start this off by accepting that this thread probably won't go down well. Most people on this sub seem to be above average at the game, so anybody that complains about how Fifa is behaving lately usually gets shut down because they are still playing well and winning despite the utter bullshit that many of us are facing.

At the weekend, i was on a spree. I went from Div 5 to a couple hundred points worth of rating away from Div 3. My record was 45-10-20. I've been off work for the past three days, so have been playing mostly every day. I have only won 5 games since Saturday. I'm now on 50-12-38… I've never been this bad at Fifa to lose this many in a row. I've changed my team a few times, i thought maybe my players just weren't competitive. I've tried some players i'm used to again, i've tried some high-rated players, i've tried some OP players. You might say that changing my team so often has made it so i'm not comfortable or used to the players, but i've done this throughout most Fifas, i probably change teams two times a week. I like mixing it up.


My players have felt unresponsive and well-below their assumed performance for the past three days. I press pass and they'll take a touch before passing it, their touches are heaving, their passes are weak or off-target, they're slow and can't beat any defenders, they can't score, every tackle is a foul. I keep playing thinking it must get better, there's no way i've all of a sudden got so bad to lose 18 games out of 25. There's no way. I've never been this bad at the game, and i've never seen the game this bad before. But people are beating me, their players are fine, so i think what the hell is it that i'm doing that's causing my players to play this way? I usually work throughout the week, so the most i play on week-days is late at night and maybe 2 or 3 games. Is this how it always is? Am i being matched with people far out of my timezone which is causing some kind of lag?

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Please tell me somebody else out there is in the same boat as me. Because if not, i'm pretty sure i've lost my mind.

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