WL Review: UEL Live Alonso as CDM

FIFA19 7 - WL Review: UEL Live Alonso as CDM

Hi everyone! Time for another WL review along with a status update on my progress. If you’ve read my previous updates you know that I’m a gold 3/2 player at best so far. This WL I clinched Gold 1 for the first time — with games to spare!


I started on friday with a mess of a squad, seeing as I had so many untradeables. I was struggling to fit in POTM Hazard, 2POTM Reus, FFS Davies, FFS Militao, Futmas KDB etc.

The struggle continued onto the pitch. I’m usually able to start out around 7-3 or 8-4, but on friday I was constantly struggling to win back games after tough losses. I went 5-5.

As a result I decided to clean up my squad and start over on saturday. I sold Militao and picked up 88 Dijk, and built a PL side around him and David Luiz. I also decided that my midfield was getting bossed with my CDM’s being Lerma and Torreira. I looked around for a replacement and considered moving David Luiz to CDM. When I saw the updated UEL cards I decided to bring Alonso back in my squad, and play him as a CDM. I moved Lerma to my LB position.


I played him with a Shadow chem because I already had it on him and also I’m lazy.

He played as CDM in a 4-2-3-1 and 4-2-2-2 formation, stay center instructions, everything else on balanced. He was partnered with Torreira who had stay back instructions.

In 20 games, Alonso scored 11 goals and had 8 assists.

PACE: 8.7

A bit slow and clunky at LB, Alonso was often a liability in that position for me. His H/H would also drag him out of position and leave him in the middle, leaving my flank unprotected. As a CDM though, his pace was a much better fit. He had no trouble catching up with faster opponents, and if he was too high up the pitch he’d still be able to catch up to the opponent quickly.

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I wasn’t expecting much offense at first — I was just moving him to CDM to bring some size to my middle. Turns out, dude has 90+ in shot power, and 84 in positioning. His finishing is at 74. It’s not perfect but a damn improvement from Lerma, Torreira and Fabinho. In 20 games he scored 11 goals, which is a huge amount from a CDM on my team. As a comparison, Lerma has 7 goals in 205 games, and Torreira has 6 in 84.

Alonso was a threat from just outside the box, either finessing them top bin with his left foot, or just banging them home with a powerful shot. He fittingly scored my very last goal of the WL.



A beautiful benefit — Alonso is a great playmaking CDM. With 88 short passing and 90+ in vision and crosses, I was able to find my man up the field without any issues. 4* WF is the only thing that could have improved this area further, because he feels a bit wonky on his right.


He has 70 agility and 65 balance, so he’s clearly not the most agile player on the pitch. Still, that’s not why he’s brought on. He’s a large body that helps Torreira with the cleanup in aisle 3. He does have 90+ in reactions and ball control, and 80+ composure, which helped bring up his stats.

The perceived clunkiness as a LB was less noticeable as a CDM.


With a Shadow chem he is 90+ in every defensive stat. This was the first time I really felt that high defense was helping me out — my previous CDM pairing was Futmas KDB and Lerma. This gave me a great chance to move the ball out of my zone, but it did leave me with a weaker defense that I should have realized wasn’t doing me any favors.

With Torreira and Alonso covering for my attackers, I was suddenly boxing the opponent in deep in their own zone. They were covering all the passing options, often stepping up and intercepting passes as the opponent tried to counter. This gave more time and space to my front four of Nedved, KDB, HL Rashford and NIF Salah.

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The best part about moving Alonso to CDM instead of David Luiz was his stamina. With 94 stamina he could run for 120 minutes with energy left. He also brings a large physical presence along with 75 jumping and 80 strength.


All in all, I was very happy with his move from LB to CDM. He turned from a liability as a LB into something of a monster as a CDM. His High/High workrates and 94 stamina made him a great B2B midfielder that I would have needed an icon to replace.

As for my weekend league, as I mentioned early on, I clinched Gold 1 for the first time ever, on a WF shot by Alonso in the 65th minute.

I went 5-5 on friday, 9-1 on saturday (after moving Alonso to CDM), and 6-3 on sunday.

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