Wout Weghorst 2IF (Weekend League Review)

FIFA19 1 - Wout Weghorst 2IF (Weekend League Review)

As per usual I opened my WL rewards to be greeted by a bunch of shitty footballers I'd never heard of. Why do I do this to myself? My top reward was Weghorst, an 84 rated Netherlands/bundesliga striker. I thought to myself "Great, that'll save me about 2k on Brandt's POTM SBC."

I had one last look at his stats to make sure I wasn't missing anything. A slow striker with shit dribbling and 3/3… But what was that? 6ft fucking 6?

Yep, that's right, the guy is fucking Hodor. Taller than Ibrahimovic sitting on Arnautovic's shoulders. I wish I could sign this guy for my Sunday league team, then it wouldn't take us half an hour to get the nets down after a game.

I normally use Marega or SBC depay up top, and can count the number of headers I've scored this year on one hand. Seeing as I received Weghorst in my packs, and I'm bored to tears of la croqueta-ing it into the net with depay, I figured I'd take Weghorst for a test drive in the weekend league.


69 pace: Shocking, the guys a fucking tractor, even with a hunter he is never getting on the end of a through ball. Crosses and balls to feet are your friend.

85 shooting: With a hunter I can't fault his positioning and shooting, the only stat which remains a little low is his long shots, but if you're trying to shoot from outside of the box with Weghorst, you're doing something wrong.

64 passing: Weghorst's passing is pretty functional. Short passing and through balls do everything you would expect them to, but he's not going to be playing Iniesta-esque game changing crossfield balls.

77 Dribbling: A lot better than expected, his dribbling will never be fantastic because he's 6ft6, but by comparison he feels much better than spooky Bas Dost on the ball. His 3* SM also give him an edge over Bas Dost in the dribbling department. Whenever I used a roulette or h2h flick with Weghorst it seemed to completely catch my opponents off guard and open ups lot of space.

42 defending: The only stat that really matters here is 98 heading accuracy. 98 is a big number. When you header with this guy, the ball goes exactly where you point it.

88 physical: Decent stats for Jumping, Stamina & Strength. He can comfortably terrorise defenders for a full 120 minutes.

Set up I usually play 4-3-3, but for chemistry reasons decided to swap to a 4-4-2, playing Weghorst alongside Depay in a classic little and large combo.

Weg-SBC Depay

SBC gnabry-IF Goretzka-SBC Rabiot-FS Saint-Maximin


UCL Telles-FS Militao-Futmas Thiago Silva-FB Dani Alves

OTW Alisson

I played 13 games of DR on Thursday to try and learn how to actually cross, and went through a lot of tweaking to try and figure out what instructions to use to get the best out of Weghorst. After 13 games he had 8 goals and zero assists and I was struggling to make him work in the team, but the combo of using Balanced width/Target Man/Stay Forward, and a hunter chem style seemed to be changing things for the better.

Weekend League

Weghorst really came into his own in the weekend league, I finished 14-8, and Weghorst provided 26 goals and 9 assists across 22 appearances.

In my first few games with Weghorst I would look for him with the cross, and always look to shoot first time, but I soon found that using him as a focal point to play other people in often led to much more worthwhile opportunities.

He single-handedly boosted my possession by about 10% as I often struggle to win possession from my own goal kicks, however with Weghorst up top, I literally won the first ball from EVERY SINGLE GOAL KICK this weekend league. That's not an exaggeration, he is that good in the air.

I found it a little more challenging to use him from crosses, but with corners I could play them a couple of yards out from the penalty spot and win 90%. If I was better at directing headers I could easily get his goals per game to 1.5-2, as a lot of the times I won the header I would direct it straight at the keeper or hit the crossbar.

Conclusion All in all, the best goal return of any striker I've used on weekend league this year. You have to learn how to use him though, and I'd imagine that FB Ibrahimovic is probably a much well rounded option if you have him available. If you run a Bundesliga team it's worth picking this guy up as a supersub for when you are throwing the kitchen sink at someone in the last 10 minutes.

Good for: -if you want a fucking massive striker in a Bundesliga or NL team. -if you are struggling to win possession from goal kicks -if you struggle to convert from corners

Bad for: -running -skill moves -getting away from defenders

Tl:Dr; Weghorst is a taller (by 2cm), slower Ibrahimovic with a lack of dribbling ability, but if you kick the ball at his head he will put it in the net.

Thanks for reading!

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