You Don’t actually progress on this game by grinding for players, in fact its the opposite

FIFA19 6 - You Don't actually progress on this game by grinding for players, in fact its the opposite

This may sound weird at first but I'll explain, to whoever reading this now just take a second to think, how much have you actually improved on this years game? like what real progress have you made, maybe you occasionally get a rank higher than you expected on WL or you moved up a division on DR but from all the way back in September/October to now have you actually made real progress? The answer is probably not really and there is a reason for that. The way the game is set up and content is released makes you think that the way to get better is to buy these good players. Now for most of us that meant grinding for an Icon or saving up for a new player that was 'better'. Now obviously if you spend £1000 on fifa points and had Gullit in December that's different, there was a huge breadth in class but now we have reached a point where players like Gullit are achievable for the average player. I see a lot of people have now got him, he used to be very rare but about 1/5 people have him or a player of that standard now. This is where my point is, while you 'get better', everyone else is doing exactly the same thing. So you never actually improve in real terms, cos everyone is doing the same thing at roughly the same time. If everyone is making their teams better, then they are actually just staying at the same level.

So how do you actually get better at the game? It's simple, play with 'worse' players. I remember back in October time, I sold everything to get the POTM Hazard and then subsequently the first Icon Player pick sbc. So for that time my team was pretty bare, as in untradeable common gold players, but I still played DR cos it was a good way to make coins, and looking back it was weird how good that team was. On the face of it it was horrific but in game I played it really well, players like Andy Carrol, Mooy, Chalobah and the reason was they forced me to play better. So I was coming up against much much better squads than mine but cos I focused a lot more and didn't just expect the players to just be able to do things, I played the game more simply and safe. I didn't just get someone and ping a 30 yard lobbed through ball just expecting them to be able to get it perfect cos they have 95 long passing. Also I was calmer because if they did miss a shot or misplace a pass I half expected it anyway so it didn't affect my gameplay. Honestly the amount of angry messages I got from people who had (at the time) really really good squads, but were getting relatively easily beaten by my common gold prem squad.


I tested this again today, I've given up on grinding FUT and have made a point of getting rid of all my good players that I've grinded for so it puts me off coming back (I made a post about this last night). And after clearing all my Icons, TOTS and other special cards, spending all my coins on packs that I know I won't get anything out of my club is pretty bare. I have about 3k and some untradeable players left. From the players left there was a lot that a few months ago would have been desirable but now theyre what most people would call 'sbc fodder'. The likes of Martial, Laporte, Kepa, so I built a squad and its probably a similar gulf in class as the squad I had in October (as in the teams people have now are about as better that mine as they were when I had my October Squad). I've played 5 games with them and it's exactly the same results, I won 4 games and it was the same, I concentrated more, naturally didn't get annoyed if a player made a mistake, played more simply and safe and honestly I played better than if I'd played with my old squad that I ditched last night.

The basic message here is spending 3 mill on a new striker won't make you a better fifa player, playing with players that are much worse than your opponent will. That's the only real way to progress, to test yourself, to make yourself not rely on thinking a player 'should' be able to do that. I see people playing with the likes of CR7 like that, as if having him will make them get elite on WL. Play with weaker teams than your opponents and you will naturally learn how to play the basic game better. Then when you do get the chance to play with those elite cards, you'll use them a hell of a lot better than you were before.

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