God of War

10 Thoughts on the future of the series:

God of War 4 - 10 Thoughts on the future of the series:

I love the current direction and I'm excited to see what happens. And since God of War has been my favorite franchise for 15 years strong now, I've got a few thoughts. Stick with me, I'm gonna try not to ramble, but that doesn't mean it's all going to be short.

1.) The ending of God of War (2005) shows Kratos resuming the mantle of the God of War and watching over battles all the way up to WWII. This leads me to believe that at some point Kratos does return home. I'm assuming that since the DNA of the series is a greek tragedy, that this spells misfortune with Atreus eventually, which is heavily foreshadowed in the game.

2.) I assume that we're going to see more Athena and her role as Kratos' eternal tormentor, unable to forgive Kratos for unleashing the weapon of hope on the world. It's safe to assume that she's been with Kratos since the end of God of War 3 and has not had very many pleasant things to say to him in his exile.

3.) I hope that we see a return of the narrator role, and that it's occupied by the voice of Faye or Skadi or some Giant. The narrator really carries a lot of the narrative burden of the game series and lets characters be in the moment a lot more without the need to have characters exposit.

4.) I hope with the release of DMC 5 showing that there's still an appetite for over the top action that Kratos can get more opportunities to shine in combat similar to how he used to. I'm not saying don't innovate or undo any of the good things that they've accomplished, but a camera that's a bit further back with a little more speed would feel good I think. And then when out of combat, the camera can return to what we're now used to after 4.

5.) I think the gap between God of War 3 and 4 needs to be filled. I have a few guesses as to what happens but I think a canon explanation is neccessary. And a narrator can fill us in on the latter half, because that's the hook, and then we play through the impetus, which is classic God of War 1 punch 2 punch formula.

Personally, there's a few ways that they can do that: 1.) Kratos and Atreus need to go back to get the Sword of Olympus and have to change fate to do so. Essentially, they prevent Kratos from killing Zeus and undo Kratos' final mistake or something to that effect, I'm not shooting for specifics here. 2.) Kratos uncovers some artifact where he must confront his past. Ultimately, I'm a bigger fan of this idea. Ala God of War 2005, you have to protect an aspect of Atreus from Kratos from God of War 3, but God of War 3 Kratos has all of his magic and weapons and is near invincible. The symbolism married with gameplay was powerful then and it's powerful now. Beating that Kratos lets the player go further down the rabbit hole and see how Kratos escaped the Underworld once more. Learning that his unwritten fate is that the bonds of death will never hold him. Once a torment is now a blessing through his rediscovered humanity.

6.) This isn't something that I think will happen, but I'd love a moment where Atreus gets to meet his half sister Calliope. Or at the very least, Kratos makes Atreus a flute and Calliope teaches him her song.

7.) I expect after the very quiet revolt (I know the Santa Monica studios team is very attentive to feedback) regarding boss fights being a smaller scale, repetitive and maybe lackluster in comparison to the dazzling heights of the former entries, that they'll double up their efforts. I feel confident that they'll be ready to blow us away with some great scripted sequences and impressive boss battles.


8.) I think narratively, there's going to be a broader cast of side characters with interesting personalities. The dwarven brothers, Mimir , Freya and Atreus aside, there's not too many other characters of note. Unless you count the ghosts and Valkyries.

9.) While the story set forth is pretty obvious to predict what's going to happen, I don't think it hurts to speculate about the 'how' since we know the 'what'. The conflict with Odin/Thor is going to throw us a twist that makes them a little more relatable. Or Odin will be far from the malignant jerk that he's portrayed as (at least in how he presents himself). Sort of like a slimey, evil, but hopelessly charismatic and charming CEO. Someone who can get their way when no one else can.

10.) Kratos may have to turn back to the dark side for a while. I hate to say it, but I don't think that things will end well between him and Atreus, and the foundation is there for a tower of tears. I anticipate that Kratos will do his best to see Atreus through to his manhood and try to help him be a good man, but I don't expect that what good he does will be long lasting. The ending for GOW 2018 leaves us a clue on the rune on the wall that Kratos dies in Atreus' arms during some big event. That doesn't mean that this is now, God of Mischief the series. I think that we'll see Kratos again, fight his way out of the grave, essentially, his true godly power being that fate nor death can hold him for long. He always manages to escape. But this time, by the time Kratos has escaped, Atreus is a grown man. And Kratos now has to initiate Ragnarok to rescue his brainwashed son from the clutches of the evil Odin. A more noble goal indeed, but along the way he realizes how lost and dark he becomes once again without his family. Ultimately, I don't think we'll see Kratos kill Atreus, since that would kind of ruin this whole amazing arc they have going for him in the new title. But I wouldn't be surprised if somehow Atreus dies or at the very least becomes the main villain of future titles. Sort of the Joker to his father's Batman.

11.) Bonus round: Last but not least, I think that we'll get a solo Atreus segment in the sequel. Or if we don't, we damn well should. Or as far as gameplay goes, If Atreus and Kratos were both their own characters, and you press the square button to switch between them. That way the mechanic they wanted to add in the 2015 build of Kratos setting up Atreus for attacks can be handled in realtime by the player. Atreus wouldn't need multiple weapons or anything either, so the D-Pad could be used for magics.You could change the shooting button to circle and have talismans be strictly passive upgrades. Or as Kratos use the D-Pad to choose the active talisman. Just some technical thoughts that seems in-line with the original vision for the 2018 game.

Thanks for sticking it through with me if you did. If you agree feel free to sound off and let me know, if you disagree, feel free to sound off, but be civil. I know this is Reddit, but we're all fans of the same thing here.

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