God of War

A decade long dream finally realized

God of War 5 - A decade long dream finally realized

Hey guys. Newcomer here. Just a small post on how long it took me to get here.

I'm someone who was never in a financial position to get a console during my childhood. My parents were strictly against it and it took me a looong time to actually get one (in 2017).

Circa 2009, when PS2 craze was at its peak in india, one of my friends won a console in a competition, and decided to get gow 2 with it. This was when I was in 6th grade. I spent 6 hours on this game (the only console I touched for the first and last time 2009. Never got to play with it ever again). My parents saw how addicted I was becoming to this game and made me swear to never touch the consoles again. Life just went on with increasing focus on my academics(like any Indian teens life would). But this game was always at the back of my head. I was never able to get over it.

Fast forward to 2017, I finished my schooling and joined my uni. I got my first console, a PS4 and I decided to use it to the max. But I never got around to it since I started loving my coursework and it took me 3 good years to start using it properly.

This quarantine actually gave me that time I was looking for. To finally play this series that I had been fantasizing to get my hands on for the last 1 decade. I've spent the last 6 months playing these games. I looked up ways to play the old gow 1&2 games on PC and convinced one of my friends to play it along with me(one who had also missed out on playing this in his former years).


I was just completely blown away by how sophisticated the story was and how raw it felt. From the game mechanics to the artwork, it was truly amazing. After spending hours amd hours on the first 2 games, I realised that the 3rd was remastered for PS4 and I got it along with the latest game. While I felt the 3rd was a bit repetitive, I still enjoyed the boosted graphics and the stellar game mechanism.

But the new god of war? It's the epitome. I laughed, cried and felt so much joy playing as this wiser Kratos. The father son dynamic was so refreshing and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I finally platinumed the title a few weeks ago and I had never felt better. It just feels so good to see fans of this series be so nice to each other without bickering within the fandom(ahem star wars). I am so so so happy to become a part of this community after almost 10 years of waiting. I'm looking forward to contribute as much as I can to this sub :')

And ofcourse, Ragnarok is coming too. Just in time for it.

Tldr: Been waiting for 10 years to finish this series from the start to the end. I just love this series so much and it's wonderful to see a warm community form around it. Glad to finally become a part of it.

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