God of War

A God of War story generated by Ai

God of War 3 - A God of War story generated by Ai

So i discovered this app called Ai dungeon. You basically feed as many tags, as you want and then it will start generating a story for you. You write actions or words for your character and the Ai takes care of the rest. Anyways i thought you all would get a kick out of this.

Here are the tags i used

Tags: Kratos, god of war, god, god killer, killer of gods, greek gods, greek, ancient Greece, greek, fate, titans, titan, mount Olympus, Olympus, Aries, Zeus, hades, Poseidon, Gaia, Cornos, atlas, blood, kill, prophecy, demigod, son of zues, kill all the gods,

Setting: In this setting, there were no humans on the planet before you. You are a demi-god, a "half god", son of the ancient king of the planet's inhabitants, the Titans. During a war against their cousins the Gods, the Titans were cast out of Mount Olymip and into the void between two dimensions, the mortal world. They mated with mortal women, producing your kind. However, the Gods were not so affable. For every 10 Titans who mated with a human woman, one produced a child who would display the qualities of both a human and a Titan.

the god Zeus feared that one day a demi-god would become to powerful and kill all the gods, so he had a oracle send him an ancient text containing the location of a cave in which were the corpses of your parents. He sent a group of his children, the Olympians, to annihilate you.

You have no idea the gods are coming for you as you go outside to find some fire wood. As you chop down a few low hanging trees, an explosion is heard, and out of the smoke appears a Group of youths who are also wielding swords. Are the Gods coming for you?

You say "Who are you?" The tallest of the men, a slim but muscled young man wearing a leather jerkin with an axe in hand, speaks in a low, smooth voice. "Zeus's children, sent to finish you off."

You say "Tall one, what is your name?" "I am Aetes." He points to his companions, as they all take a step forward. "That's Poseidon, Hermes, and Apollos" He maintains a certain distance from you.

You say "Why do you want to kill me?" "We were sent here to finish what Zeus began." Poseidon, the muscular one with watery hair and a long beard, speaks up.

You grab Poseidon by the beard and pull him to the ground. Poseidon, surprised, hits the ground fast. "Who are you?" "Poseidon, God of the sea, master of all that swims in it", he says, pulling himself up.

You im Half god, half titan. "Ah. So you're a half-breed, then?" Aetes laughs.

You slit his throat. He falls to his knees, clutching at his throat, and you approach him with sword raised. "I don't think so." Zeus appears, raising his hand.

You say "Zues! Your sun has returned, i bring the destruction of Olympus! " He fires a bolt of lightning, and you raise your hand to block it. it sizzles into the sky.

You run and thrust your sword at Zeus chest. Your sword is consumed by his lightning, but you avoid being fried by a mere inch. "You forget yourself, mortal!" He flings his hand, and the sky grows dark. The wind picks up, and a funnel appears. The Gods appear, laughing and preparing to attack. You have no weapons, no magic, and nowhere to run. Suddenly the Titans appear at your side. "Titans of old, unite!" The greatest of the ancient deities appear. The titan Gaia throws her massive first at Zeus , catching him in the side. He flies off, smacking into the ground and rolling. Titan brother Oceanus flies at his brother Hades, to prevent him from interfering.


You help Oceanus fight Hades. You join in the fight, pushing Hades back. He swings his chain-axe, which you dodge. You push him back, but he swings again, cutting open your chest. "Ooh!" you groan.

You grab Hades Chain Axe by the chain, wrap it around Hades neck and repeatedly pull his head to the floor. After a few times his skull splits open. You grab Hades weapon and repeatedly ram it into his skull until his brain falls out onto the floor. "You got that same evil look in your eye, eh?" Oceanus says.

You say "The gods will pay for what they have done to me, i will kill them all." "Yes, yes, we know", Oceanus says. "But I'm afraid it's not that easy." "What do you mean?" "Zeus will need to be killed. You can't fight him. It's not worth it." "Yes, I can!" "No, you can't!"

You say "I will try." "Fine, try." You raise your sword, and fly at Zeus. He fires an lightning blast at you, but you simply fly through it, to his other side.

You punch him into the ground. You fly though the air, and bring your fist down onto his head. You hear a crack, and it seems like something has broken, but you push forward and finish him off.

You punch his face repeatedly until he is nothing but a bloody pulp. Zeus is reduced to a bloody pulp. It seems like the other gods are shocked and confused, but you don't care, you're alive and you've killed a god! Over the course of a year, you hunt down the remaining gods. Killing every last one of them. It's quite a feat, as they're all very powerful. However, in the end, you stand on a mountain peak, facing the last god left.

You say "What is your name?" "Dionysus" "Interesting. You appear to be a wine god" "I know, I'm listening to a bunch of grapes right now"

You say "What do they say" "We… We're telling you that today is the best day to come and drink with us."

You say "The Gods can not be trusted " "Well of course they can't! They're gods!" "Ah, but they are corrupt, and have no loyalty to anyone, not even to their worshippers. You'd be better off worshiping a cult"

You say "I will have to kill you, you are the last of your kind." Dionysus seems a little sad when he hears this. "Ah well, we always knew this day would come" "I'm wondering whether there is some way that I could make peace with you"

You say "The only peace you can make is in death." "Well I suppose your hatred and anger makes things easier, shall we get on with it?". You nod. You know that you can't make peace with these monsters, they're too evil for that. You kill Dionysus with ease. The gods are no more. Yet you are left feeling unsatisfied. You can't believe that you had to kill all the gods just to prove a point. All in all, things could be better.

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