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A guide to skap slag and XP/hacksilver exploits in NG+

God of War 9 - A guide to skap slag and XP/hacksilver exploits in NG+

Anyone who's tried to upgrade equipment in new game plus will know just how expensive it all can be. Purchasing and fully upgrading a full set of armour can cost over a million hacksilver and almost 200 skap. If you're looking to upgrade all the armour, pommels and talismans then expect to have to do around 4-5 full playthroughs of the game, and to repeatedly grind the challenge realms for rare crafting materials.

But there is a certain quirk in the game that can be exploited to farm XP and/or skap slag at a rate that can net you very large amounts in no time. The exploit utilises the way the game saves progress. In certain situations, if you complete a labour you will be awarded XP for it. However if you are killed in combat, or restart from last checkpoint before proceeding to the next one, then the labour is reset to where it was before the encounter, but you still keep the XP you were awarded. To give an example, if you have already shattered 29 frozen enemies before your next encounter, then freeze and shatter the next draugr you see. Doing so will net you 3500 XP or more, depending on your multiplier (in my case I get 3500 x 1.65 = 5775 XP). Now restart checkpoint and do it again for another deposit of XP. Do this as often as you want before moving on and cashing in all your XP.

If you stack a few labours so they are all near completion then you could clear them all in each reset for a much larger XP injection. If the labours you complete give skap slag, then that too can be stacked in some cases, but not others (for example opening the final Jotnar shrine cannot be exploited since it autosaves and sets a new checkpoint).

I recorded a couple of videos to show a few examples.


I've posted this
MctU5hlQ2cE - A guide to skap slag and XP/hacksilver exploits in NG+
first clip before, showing a very quick and simple way to duplicate skap slag. Can be done the first time you visit Muspelheim and Niflheim.
owkle - A guide to skap slag and XP/hacksilver exploits in NG+
u/owkle pointed out that there was an even more efficient way to do it, so I decided to record the next clip to show it.

In this second clip, I had already summoned Atreus' runic 59/60 times, discovered all hidden chambers and opened 6/7 of them. I travelled to the beach in Alfheim where the final doorway is and summoned my 60th runic for 5775 XP then opened the hidden chamber for another 3102 XP plus 9 skap (if I hadn't already discovered the door before then it might be possible to get 18 skap here, untested). Thamur's corpse is an even better choice of location for this exploit since it is much faster to reach it than this beach in Alfheim.

In this third clip, I had already shattered 28/30 frozen enemies, tripped 97/100, and cleaved 45/50. Completing these labours on the first few enemies gets me 12787 XP each time.

Taking that last clip further, here is a fourth clip showing a longer (failed) run of the 100 enemy challenge. In this one I completed the labours for shattering 30, cleaving 100, and tripping 100 enemies, killing 400 draugr, 15 travellers, and 20 trolls, for a gain of 30,000 XP in a few minutes work. This is my preferred way of "grinding" since I enjoy the combat and am working on completing this challenge with the Zeus armour anyway.

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