God of War

A Kratos Inspired story: The First Axe.

God of War 7 - A Kratos Inspired story: The First Axe.

TLDR: So I loved the story of the hunter and the forest that he tells in the boat, but I couldn't find the full version anywhere so i made my own 🙂 I figured you guys might like it. This is the first draft so I am open to criticism. Let me know what you think!

The first axe

One day a man ventured deep into the forest and sought out the oldest of trees. When he found them he spoke to them begging them for their dying branches, so that he might add them to his fire to survive the cruel breath of winter. The forest had always given to man and man had never before taken, the trees knew what they must do but time had not been kind to the old ones.

The trees were so ancient that their branches had become brittle. As the winters had passed they had become fearful even of the wind. They were so terrified of the pitiful mans touch, that to prolong their own decrepit existence, they gave him a young sapling. They said "This sapling is young and strong and his branches would benefit a powerful man like you far greater than our brittle ones. Take him, so that you may grow your own branch and leave us to our fate."

The man accepted the forests great gift with much thanks, and with the fruit that fell from the young sapling became strong and fierce. Mighty enough that when he climbed the young saplings adolescent branches seeking fruit, one day in his clumsiness he broke a branch in its infancy. He fell to the ground, cutting himself on a sharp stone bellow. The tree wept from its dying branch and the sap of its sadness seeped into the blood of the injured man and created a thick substance that grabbed at the very air around it.

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In an act of shared rage the man struck the stone that had cut him with the branch and the sap of rage bonded stone and wood. Thus, the first axe was born. The axe having tasted blood craved more and turned the shared rage of man and sapling upon the forest. The man felled tree after tree until he reached the old ones and he butchered them mercilessly until there was nothing left.

His act of savagery quelled the rage inside him and the man was brought back to his senses. Seeing what he had done he let out a great roar and lodged the axe with all his might into the stump of the eldest old one. In a grim reminder to himself and the forest that every living thing fears the passage of time, but death is unavoidable.

He taught the forest a lesson that day, but he failed to learn his own. You see, he did not bury that axe. The rage seeped into the rotting flesh of the old ones and was spread throughout the entire forest through the dying roots of one. The forest was poisoned against man, ever fearful, ever watchful. It never forgave the crimes of man against it, and has never forgotten even now. Rage is a powerful tool of justice, yet it is also all consuming. If we do not bury it deep within the darkness, it will seep into our nature bringing great pain and suffering with it.

It is said that the axe still calls to man, even now. Deep within the forest. It pulls at the primal instinct within our hearts, cries for us to cut and kill and the closer we get to its core the more the forests rage consumes us. It is destined that man will kill the forest or the forest will kill man. Both is true. One cannot survive without the other. The forest provides for man, and man takes the useless things, the dead things and makes them his own.

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If we cannot find balance within the forest again, we shall perish. If we cannot bury the axe, rage will consume us.

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