God of War

A nice detail in Magni and Modi’s design…

God of War 3 - A nice detail in Magni and Modi's design...

One thing I really liked about Magni and Modi is that (I might be reaching, but…) they're based on two modernized versions of Thor.

First there's Magni who's based on Marvel's version of Thor (especially the Ultimate Marvel version) The yellow hair is a dead giveaway as most renditions of Thor see him red-haired. He also has more metal incorporated into his outfit, indicating a more futuristic aspect as leather was the king of armour in viking times. He also has a big, edgy, modern-fantasy sword.


Then there's Modi who has a more traditional looking outfit, with more leather as well as fur pauldrons. This one is more reminiscent of the Valhalla comics version of Thor The more accurate red hair is an obvious difference from Magni and Marvel's Thor, as well as the green on his shield and pieces of his outfit, reminiscent of Valhalla Thor's green tunic.

I hope you found this as interesting as I did. Since both Magni and Modi are now dead (possibly Santa Monica's way saying they're chucking these established versions of Thor out the window, or am I reaching again?) I can't wait to see what the actual Thor is going to look like in God of War 2 (20XX) / Gods of War / God of War: Fimbulwinter / God of War: Ragnarok / God of War: whatever-the-fu*k-they're-gonna-call-it-but-dear-god(of-war)-I-hope-it's-not-just-God of War 2 (20XX).


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