God of War

A quick review of every main God of War game

God of War 9 - A quick review of every main God of War game

2018 was definitely the year of God of War for me as I heard so many people talking about this new one while I was trying to get through the original trilogy for the first time.

God of War (PS2): I immediately loved the combat for this game. As someone who really liked the first Devil May Cry, I felt pretty comfortable here. The story is very simple yet effective, and it has one of the coolest representations of Greek mythology ever. My only gripe was the last boss fight. I just don't understand why you would spend the entire game upgrading your moves and getting better at the combat system, only for the developers to strip it all away and make you do a Soul Calibur fight for the final boss.

God of War 2: I'll admit, while I thought the production value went up enormously, this game didn't really capture me up until that last few hours. My initial reaction was oh god, this one is gonna be about time travel, but I loved the twists and how they upped the ante with the story. The boss fights are still the absolute best in the series, especially The Sisters of Fate fight. Gameplay wise, this one is my favorite of the originals.

God of War 3 (PS4): The jump in detail from two to three is incredible. I loved how this game was just Kratos crossing everyone off his list. The story again is simple but effective and this game just does not let up. I did find certain parts of the story to be a bit corny, but the presentation is absolutely stellar. Tbh, I wasn't a big fan of the new weapons being tied to your magic as I've always preferred to just use to the blades of chaos.


God of War (PS4): I want to preface this by saying I am still collecting my thoughts on the game as a whole, but my immediate reaction was that everything is just a few hairs shy of being perfect and that's why I believe the sequel to this game will be a masterpiece. The combat is a lot of fun, and it feels like a slower, more 1:1 version of the original games. It's probably the closest thing to a good Thor game (until we inevitably get to use mjolnir in the next one). My complaints are that the game kind of ends abruptly in my opinion, and the lack of boss fights were a bit disappointing. That final boss felt very anticlimactic and I was really waiting for something crazy to happen but it never does. It's a smaller story, much like the original game on PS2. I love the new direction and characters, I love all the callbacks, and I am very excited to see where this story goes, but I really can't see how people are calling it a masterpiece. This game has quite a few issues, narratively and gameplay wise. I will say, that I love the new Kratos and I haven't been this excited for a sequel for anything in a long time.

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