God of War

A Summary of the Big Picture (as best as I can put it)

God of War 4 - A Summary of the Big Picture (as best as I can put it)

Ragnarok influences everything each character in the story does.

Odin is trying to change his outcome in the apocalyptic event by any means.

-The Giants of Jotunheim have foreseen Ragnarok and what will happen….or what has already happened….

-Odin is frantically trying to find passage to Jotunheim, which the Giants have sealed off from Asgard. Odin believes with the ability of foresight that the Giants possess he may more precisely alter the events of Ragnarok in his favor.

-The Fimbulwinter, three straight years of the harshest winter, will precede Ragnarok. It will be triggered by the death of Baldur, son of Odin and the Vanir goddess Freya.

-Laufey the Just, or Fey, a Giant, foretells Baldur's death at the hands of her soon-to-be husband, Kratos, the Ghost of Sparta who has brought the end of Zeus and the Greek pantheon.

-Fey leaves Jotunheim following an argument with the Giants. Before she leaves she creates a mural on the walls of the Temple of Jotunheim, accurately foretelling the events of Kratos and her future son Atreus's journey to Jotunheim and the aftermath.

-Freya, by means currently unknown, learns of Fey's prophecy. Knowing her son is predestined to die, Freya casts a powerful Vanir spell on Baldur which grants him immortality and invulnerability at the cost his senses. With his death seemingly now impossible, Freya believes her son has been saved and Ragnarok has been prevented.

-No longer able to enjoy the pleasures of taste, smell, alcohol, women, etc., Baldur soon turns mad. He comes to his mother begging her to reverse the spell, but she cannot and tells him "Trust me you'll thank me in time." Unsatisfied, Baldur turns to kill his mother but cannot bring himself to do it. Freya realizes the true cost of protecting her son is his resentment of her.

-Baldur abandons Freya and turns to Odin and his brother Thor for guidance.

-Kratos comes to Midgard seeking to put his past in Greece behind him. He meets Fey and the two elope and have a son. Fey wants to name him Loki, but Kratos insists on naming him Atreus after a soldier he knew in Sparta.

-The family eventually settle in a remote forest. Unbeknownst to Kratos and Atreus, Fey establishes a protective barrier using several trees in the forest that shields them from Odin's sight.

-Years later, Fey dies. Though believed to be an illness, how she died is not exactly known. Her final wishes are to be cremated using the very trees she used to create the barrier. Then, her ashes are to be scattered from the highest peak of the Nine Realms.

-Kratos begins to prepare Atreus for the journey ahead. Both believe the highest peak Fey speaks of is the mountains in Midgard.

-With Fey's protective barrier now gone, Odin discovers her location. He sends Baldur to secure her and the means of traveling to Jotunheim, though he does not tell Baldur who exactly it is he's looking for. (Why exactly he does not tell him is not explained)

-Baldur confronts Kratos believing him to be the Giant he was sent after. After an enormous battle, Kratos gains the upper hand and snaps Baldur's neck; however, Baldur lives.

-Knowing now that Odin is after them, Kratos and Atreus begin their journey. Along the way they meet Freya who hides her identity from them. She gives them both a runic which (apparently imo) hides them from Odin.

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-Kratos and Atreus make it to the Lake of Nine which houses all of the towers that enable travel to the Nine Realms. There they meet the World Serpent, a Giant snake, who helps them travel around Midgard.

-They eventually make it to the peak of the mountains of Midgard where they meet Mimir, a former advisor of Odin, who the Raven god has plucked out his left magical eye and bound to a tree to torture him for his betrayal. Mimir reveals that the highest peak is not in Midgard but in Jotunheim. The tower to Jotunheim no longer exists in Midgard, but Mimir tells them he can still get them there using the portal there at the peak which the deceased Nordic God of War, Tyr, once used.

-Kratos severs Mimir's head and brings it to Freya. Reluctantly, she revives the head who reveals her identity.


-Kratos brings Mimir to the World Serpent. The Giant tells Mimir that Atreus seems familiar despite the two just recently meeting. Mimir speculates this is an outcome of Ragnarok, when the Serpent and Thor clash. The battle will be so intense that the Tree of Life splinters, sending the Serpent into the past before it was born. Kratos dismisses this as madness (despite he himself traveling to the past to bring the Titans to Olympus).

-In their journey to procure the means of travel to Jotunheim, the three eventually run into the sons of Thor, Magni and Modi. Kratos slays Magni while Modi retreats. Upon arriving at Tyr's temple Modi ambushes them. Modi retreats again, but Atreus falls severely ill.

-Kratos brings Atreus to Freya. She heals Atreus, but in the process he discovers his father's true nature and his own as a god.

-Coming back to the base of the mountain, a brutalized Modi meets them, a result of Thor's fury. Atreus arrogantly kills him.

-At the top the portal is activated, but they are ambushed by Baldur. In the struggle Kratos destroys the portal. On the back of Baldur's dragon they crash into Tyr's Temple. Baldur attempts to bring Atreus to Asgard, but Kratos manages to change the destination to Helfeim, the realm of the dead.

-As Kratos and Atreus make their way back to Tyr's Temple, they find Baldur encountering a vision of himself begging his mother Freya to reverse his curse of invulnerability. It is here they discover Baldur is Freya's son.

-Using a ship modified to fly through Hel, the trio make it back to Midgard. Mimir realizes another way Tyr traveled to Jotunheim. Eventually they discover that they must retrieve Mimir's other magical eye which Odin placed in a statue of Thor the World Serpent has eaten.

-They enter the Serpent's bowels and retrieve the eye but on the way out the Serpent comes under duress and spits them out by the fallen Giant, Thamur. Freya meets them there, as well as Baldur who reveals he attacked the Serpent to draw out Kratos and Atreus.

-Freya tries to stop the two from fighting, but Kratos and Baldur engage in battle once again. In the scuffle Baldur punches Atreus in the chest which causes a mistletoe arrowhead to pierce his fist. A horrified Freya looks on as the invulnerability spell she cast on Baldur fades away, mistletoe being the only means of breaking it.

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-With Baldur now completely vulnerable, Freya revives the fallen Thamur under her control to save her son but the fight eventually ends with Kratos overpowering both of them and shutting down the Giant. Kratos initially spares Baldur as he is beaten, but Baldur's vengeance against his mother won't die.

-Accepting that her death is the only way of satisfying her son, Freya willingly gives herself to Baldur. He begins to strangle to her but Kratos intervenes. Kratos snaps Baldur's neck again, this time killing the god for good. Freya's attempts to prevent her son's foretold death have ultimately failed.

-A grieving Freya swears vengeance on Kratos condemning him as an animal. Kratos reveals to Atreus his past as the Ghost of Sparta.

-Their journey finally comes to an end as they finally reach Jotunheim. Walking through the Temple of Jotunheim they discover Fey's murals exactly depicting how their journey would unfold, from the beginning of their journey in the forest to the death of Baldur. They discover Fey's true nature as a Giant which makes Atreus part-god, part-giant, part-mortal. As Atreus walks away Kratos sees the final depiction uncovered: himself dying in the arms of Atreus. Another mural shows a lone Atreus walking with three wolves.

-At the top they scatter Fey's ashes over the land of Jotunheim, now a vast range of mountains covered in the corpses of Giants.

-Upon their return to Midgard Mimir informs them that the Fimbulwinter has begun, a good hundred years short of when it was to occur.

-Kratos and Atreus return home and lay to rest. In his sleep Atreus sees a vision: the end of the Fimbulwinter and Thor meeting them at their home.

So that's about as good as I can put it. I tried to keep it at the important points but it's not perfect by no means. If you read all of it I greatly appreciate you for it. God of War is an AMAZING game and the lore is some of the best I've seen in all media.

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