God of War

About mythology, lineage, and the characters…

God of War 7 - About mythology, lineage, and the characters...

Spoiler alert if you have not finished the game. Do not read if you have not finished the game!

Sorry for vague title, keeping spoilers out of it.

I find it very fascinating that there is now a precedence of multiple mythologies co-existing and even merging. Kratos is now a central figure in Norse mythology thanks to being Atreus, aka Loki's father. This means Loki is actually a product of two mythologies that we know of so far: Greek and Norse. Nevermind the other interesting fact is that he is part mortal (human), part giant, and part god.

Given that they have so many ideas they can make games for every mythology, I'm curious if they would continue on the lineage after this inevitable Ragnarok event. Though we can expect the unexpected since prophecy didn't count on Baldur, Magni, and Modi to all die, as all three were supposed to live post-Ragnarok. Meanwhile Loki is meant to die during Ragnarok. Interesting indeed.

Anyways, eventually we could get games where characters have bloodlines that trace through more than two mythologies. A character could literally be a product of so many different cultures and bloodlines.

I'm not sure what I'm trying to discuss, but I just find it cool. Perhaps in the far future they could make this an important theme. Maybe it ties into the fact that you can't take humanity out of gods (whom seem to be aware of other pantheons but do not impose on each other)? Maybe that being a product of so many different cultures/mythos is not a bad thing? Or maybe there are consequences of your lineage, especially when it ties to the bloody Ghost of Sparta? We've already seen some of those consequences in this game, but imagine now a character is tied to EVERY bad event in every mythology…. You'd be scared as a god right? And then maybe your paranoia and fear leads to a chain of events that leads to your downfall, and then this continues to the next mythology, and then…o gods, the story potential of an explanation to the 'downfall' of all mythologies is nuts!


But yeah, what would a character be like if one were to be a product of Greek, Norse, Japanese, Mayan, and Celtic mythology? Or even more?

I feel the story telling potential of this merging of mythologies is crazy good. Actually speaking of, yeah, what's up with gods knowing about other pantheons but somehow not imposing on each other? O gosh I need the lore on this too. Jerks like Zeus and Odin must have made plans for inter-dimensional conquering or something, right? Or whatever it is, since the mythologies seem to exist in separate universes but also exist in the same universe at the same time…?

As a side note, I also hope they bring back a flashback of Kratos old family. We know his Greek family was very important to him, and I'd like to see some sort of 'resolution' to that. If he ever dies a real death and doesn't plan on coming back to the living world, it would be very fitting for the ashes on his skin to disappear and for him to reunite with all his lost loved ones. A lifetime of anguish, finally put to rest in favor of peace.

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