God of War

About the travelling to Jotunheim sequence… many weird things… (Spoiler obviously)

God of War 3 - About the travelling to Jotunheim sequence... many weird things... (Spoiler obviously)
  1. Unlike travelling to Midgard or Alfheim, when Kratos and Atreus step out of the Tower, they enter into a heavenly space and need to walk up a staircase before truly arriving at Jotunheim. This is really weird… Is this actually travelling through time and that the Jotunheim we saw at the end game was a future Jotunheim? We do not see this heavenly space sequence anywhere else.
  2. Mimir weirdly didn't want to enter into this Jotunheim. His excuse was about ruining the Family moment, but didn't seem a plausible one. Also, they left Mimir to the Dwarves – and yet Freya still managed to talk to Mimir about the wings. Could argue that the Dwarves couldn't fight against Freya, but it is also weird that the Dwarves were no where to be seen after Kratos and Atreus returns – with only Mimir on the floor. It was as if a secret meeting was made between Mimir, the Dwarves and Freya.
  3. Freya called out Kratos by name and we know Mimir was the only one who heard Zeus call out to Kratos by name (the head revival spell able to let Freya hear everything that Mimir was able to hear?). Mimir also never told Kratos and Atreus about Freya being a Valk Queen despite telling many stories about Freya being a super Good Goddess. The Baldur mistletoe bewitching speech was weird. It is also weird that Mimir could not have guessed that the "Witch" was Freya with how smart and clever he is. Maybe Mimir is a double agent? Maybe Freya used Kratos and Atreus to free Mimir (remember she appeared randomly at the Black Breath) at the top of the mountain knowing that they will find him and that Mimir knew all along Kratos and Atreus would come.


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