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God of War 9 - About Tyr

I’m going through my third playthrough, and I realized something that I’ve never seen before and I haven’t seen been mentioned in the sub. My first question is do you guys believe Tyr to be dead? I know you guys are probably thinking he isn’t because he may have a greater role in the sequel, but the way they talk about him in the game makes you feel he is currently dead.


Well I just got to the part where they’re going down that lift to get the black rune and Mimir is explaining all the murals we see and what they have to do with Tyr, (it’s also the part where Atreus really starts to be creepy talking about how he doesn’t feel bad for killing elves), and on the last mural Atreus asks whatever happened to Tyr anyways. Mimir answered saying that Odin suspected Tyr of aiding the giants, which was true because he did this and this blah blah blah, but he never says what happened to Tyr. You guys can rewatch the scene on YouTube and see that there isn’t even an implication to what happened to Tyr. As in, Mimir doesn’t even begin to answer the question. Could it be that Mimir is bewitched again? Or just that Tyr is not even believed to be dead at this stage of the game?

TLDR; When asked, Mimir skirts around the question as to what happened to Tyr?

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