God of War

Advice for newcomers to GMGOW or GMGOW+

God of War 2 - Advice for newcomers to GMGOW or GMGOW+

Howdy folks. Saw quite a few questions around gear, strategy, etc. for GMGOW and GMGOW NG+. I'm gonna refer to GMGOW NG+ as GMGOW+ from here on. Figured a thread might be in-order to help those folks. I spent the last couple of weeks progressing rapidly through GMGOW on my first play through, and now GMGOW+. I ended up beating Sigrun within a couple hours on GMGOW. Congratulations to the team for earning Game of the Year – it's absolute deserved. Here's my thoughts, lessons learned, and recommendations:


Your first five, maybe eight, hours of the game are going to be a rough ride. The game has a steep learning curve. Stick through it, it's worth it. Couple things to bare in mind:

  • Safe strategies will be your best friend in many early-game circumstances. Learn to love throwing your axe and parrying. Parrying will be especially important in the future, so make yourself learn it early
  • Don't get the "block break" ability until you're extremely confident in your parrying ability (and facing off against shielded opponents). Rapidly tapping block will screw you over. Learn to "hold" L1, not constantly tap it. This ain't Ninja Gaiden
  • Once you acquire better combos, don't waste your precious combat time with the bad combos. Use R1, R1, R1, R2 with your Axe instead, for instance, a LOT (You slam the ground with a strong frost axe attack, it sends enemies airborne or at least staggers most enemies)
  • At some point, you'll obtain attacks that focus around evading. These are so good, it's ridiculous.
    • The back-step axe throw attack that also deals frost damage? It's amazing. Use that shit.
  • Boi's abilities are great. Level 'em up
  • Grabbing Rage or Health will stagger nearby enemies. Use this to your advantage when necessary
  • Don't be afraid to slam dunk your Runic attack buttons. What're you saving it for? Ares? He dead
  • Acquire as many artifacts, ravens, etc. as possible, but beware Realm Tears. Learn which realm tears don't involve a fight. Revisit the realm tear encounters when you're at least level 5.
  • I honestly recommend against exploring until you've acquired the "Winds of Hel" and you're at least level 5. Almost everything will end your life, quickly
  • Don't bother with Valkyries until after you're at least level 7 (hell, I'd recommend waiting until you're level 8 and can handle Niflheim pretty decently. Niflheim will *never* be "easy" for you, though, you may have "easy" runs sometimes)
  • The first two Dwarven favors are manageable, the next 2 are tougher but still manageable, the third you might want to wait till level 5 or 6.
  • Discovering the Council of Valkyries shop early unlocks high-end equipment options early. This gear will likely be useful to you, yet temporary
  • Don't hoard your Aesir Gold and Steels. You'll find so many of them. Upgrade when you can, because this stuff is hard AF, fam
  • Don't fret too much about gear choices. A difference of 4 strength won't make or break a combat phase. Prioritize gaining levels and beneficial effects (50% reduction in Poison, for instance, is much more useful than "additional runic after a parry")
  • Play defensively when first dealing with a new enemy. Pay attention to their attack patterns
    • Except Wolvers – blast those bastards into Hel
  • Later in the game, you'll eventually want to fight Sigrun. This is the true test to see if you deserve Father's knife, and also this fight is the true purpose of the game if you ask me. Valkyries are a big deal, and this Valkyrie is the sum of all the Valkyries you fought before. There's nothing harder in the game than Sigrun (except possibly revenants paired with the poison wurms)
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90% of fights are absolute cakewalks in GMGOW+, save for the occasional ridiculous encounter and bosses.


Few things that I've noticed in GMGOW+:

  • Some fights that were hard in GMGOW are now really easy (or relatively easier) in GMGOW+
    • First Valkyrie (Gunnr)
    • The first five or so hours of the game
    • Anything involving Ogres (just focus the ogre and faceroll the other mobs)
  • Some fights that were easy in GMGOW are now hard in GMGOW+
    • Your encounter with the Stranger
    • Basically all of Tyr's Temple (fire aura draugrs..)
  • Several changes to some enemies
    • Level 9+ Revenants are just ridiculous. Send tips if you have them
    • Valkyries have much higher resistance to stagger from runic attacks, summons, and they recover faster
    • Draugrs empower themselves with flame auras a whole lot more often (like 70%+ of the time instead of ~10% of the time)
  • Changes to rewards
    • Completing artifact sets rewards Skap Slag
    • XP can be converted to Hacksilver
  • Some Perfect talismans (talismen?) can be converted to an enchantment after fully upgrading them. I can't recommend this enough. I'll likely end up getting every single one and equipping them eventually. Except possibly Tyr's. I'm not sold on benefits that center around 'taking damage'
  • Gear choices honestly don't matter *that* much early on if you're geared from GMGOW, but I will recommend the Cod of War chest for its explosive capabilities

I'm sure there's more but it's escaping my mind at the moment. If you've got more tips, I'll add them above. Cheers

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