God of War

After buying the game a year ago, I only just got around to it and things hit me very hard.

God of War 5 - After buying the game a year ago, I only just got around to it and things hit me very hard.

First off, safe to say that I like the game
vrkUFNU - After buying the game a year ago, I only just got around to it and things hit me very hard.


I've got some serious depression and anxiety issues stemming from childhood abuse. Some physical but an enormous amount of neglect and self hatred and a bunch of other crap. I have a hard time starting new things and investing in them. I'm sure there's some psychological reason as to why but whatever. I had the same issue with GoW. I technically started the game last year but the opening menu exhausted me and I didn't bother. It stayed installed but I just never got to it.

Until two weeks ago.

Severe panic attacks and depression and I am craving anything to escape into. Nothing I had installed was anything I could easily disappear into. Just superficial games or one's that made me think too much. And then I saw God of War.

Turned on the game and I didn't get out of my chair for a couple hours. Hit the witches house before I stopped playing and even that was just a minor break.

Everything about the game drew in my attention. Every tiny detail. The gorgeous environment. The stunning story. The fantastic combat. Everything. But one thing stood out.


A friend of mine is the reason I got it in the first place and one reason why I decided to turn it on a couple weeks ago. He said I'd appreciate it on a level not everyone can. He wasn't wrong.

I feel for Atreus a lot. Our childhood is obviously vastly different but mentally we were in very similar places. It turns out that his parents actually do love him, but for the first half of the game I was with him. Seeing Kratos wanting to hold him and pulling back was heart breaking because I haven't had a hug in years and have never had a real loving embrace from family.

The solitude. The feeling ignored. The barked orders. The feeling of worthlessness if you don't appreciate parents. Getting excited over being good at something so parents will love you more. Wanting to fit in. Wanting to be loved. The true terror of being alone (Kratos/Light is what I'm thinking of). Every bit of his character hit me like a hammer (pun not intended) because these characters are INSANELY well written.


So…. Thanks Santa Monica. You helped me escape for a bit. Gave me some hope for my own miserable life.

Edit: I went past the trophies I should say. Got the gauntlet. Got every single collectible, regardless of trophies, spent more time than Im willing to admit screaming at a Valkyrie, hunting every nook and cranny, reading every wonderfully childlike journal entries, grinding for stuff in Niflheim well after that trophy, etc. Although if someone could give me hints on the Niflheim nornir chest that typically spawns in home base that would be much appreciated.

This may also be amusing. The friend I mentioned? We were talking about the game in a party as I was playing it. For parts of it anyway. I know bits and pieces of Norse mythology due to where I'm from but not a clear picture. I couldn't figure out who Baldur was, at least before Atreus saying his name. My friend kept giving me hints. Nothing. Says in mythology the bit about his brothers death involving him in a sense. Nothing. Says his brother is blind? It's Baldur.

Then I asked if any other major or minor characters show. He says Thor isn't in it really, you don't see Odin but his presence is felt, but you meet various characters out of mythology in some form. Sweet. Cool. I ask if Loki is in there. And he says not really. I say well I'm guessing Loki isn't who he appears to be but this seems to be early in the timeline and messing with events. So maybe Loki isn't complet- He's Atreus. My friend just replies with "Well that was quick." Half an hour to figure out who Baldur was. 2 minutes to figure out Boi is Loki.

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