God of War

All Kratos’s boat stories transcribed

God of War 2 - All Kratos's boat stories transcribed

I was looking for a written collection of all his amazing fables since the release of the game. And today I compiled them myself.

Please, enjoy!

1. Of the tortoise and the hare

Atreus: SO! Know any good stories to pass the time?
Kratos: What kind of stories?
Atreus: I don’t know… Mother always had stories. Weren’t you told any when you were a boy?
Kratos: There was a man I knew a long ago… His stories were brief and purposeful.
Atreus: Sounds… fun? Do you remember any?
Kratos: Hm… there was one that concerned a hare and a tortoise.
Atreus: Like the Witch’s house?
Kratos: Unlikely.
Atreus: So what happens?
Kratos: They wager on a race between them. The hare is too confident of victory and foolish, while the tortoise is steady and disciplined. The tortoise wins.
Atreus: You… haven’t told a lot of stories, have you.

2. Of the horse and the stag

Kratos: That was… a horse. The horse sought vengeance upon his enemy, a stag. But he could not kill the stag alone. The horse met a man, a hunter, and made a deal. He took the man’s bit and bridle, and allowed him to ride in a saddle on his back. Together they killed the stag and the horse tasted victory. But the hunter would not release the horse and made a slave of him.
Atreus: So getting revenge cost him his freedom. Hope it was worth it.
Kratos: It was not.

3. Of the frog and his son

Kratos: Very well… There was a tale of a frog. His pond had dried up, so the frog and his son left to find a new home. They found a well. The son saw the water and made to jump in, but the father stopped him. He saw that the well was deep and once inside, they would not be able to escape if the water dried up again. Wisely, they moved on.
Atreus: That’s it?
Kratos: Yes.
Atreus: That’s really not a story. If the son jumped in, it would be a story.
Kratos: When he would be trapped, and starve while the father watched helplessly.
Atreus: See? That’s a story.

4. Of the thief and his mother


Kratos: There was a young man who was caught stealing and condemned to die. His mother came to visit his prison. She was a kind woman, who could only give love. But her son, the thief, met her with rage and bit off her ear.
Atreus: What! Why?
Kratos: Because the boy had always been a thief. And his mother had taught him only love, and nothing of consequences. Had he been taught discipline instead, he might have lived longer.
Atreus: Sure, but… her ear… that’s not right.

5. Of the mother crab and her son

Kratos: One more. There was the story of the mother crab, who scolded her son. She told him he should walk forward, in pride – not sideways as he always did.
Atreus: But she’s a crab too! She should say, “sure, I’ll walk forward as soon as you show me how!”
Kratos: Yes. She did say that. That was the story.
Atreus: I got it.

6. Of the woodsman and the trees

Kratos: There is a tale about a woodsman. He asked the trees of the forest for a branch to make a handle for his axe. Instead, the trees gave him a young sapling, so they could keep their limbs. The woodsman made his axe. And then he returned and chopped down the oldest trees in the forest.
Atreus: Hm… just cause the trees are old doesn’t mean they’re smart…

7. Of the scorpion crossing a river

Kratos: Very well… There was once a scorpion who wished to travel to the other side of a river.
Atreus: Why?
Kratos: If you continue to interrupt, I will end the story.
Atreus: Okay, okay.
Kratos: The scorpion asked a frog for help. He told the frog that if he gave him a ride across the river on his back, he would be rewarded. The frog protested, fearing the scorpion would sting him. The scorpion assured the frog that he would not sting him or they would both drown in the river. The frog agreed, but halfway across the river the scorpion stung him. The frog was mortally wounded and they both sunk to the bottom of the river and perished.
Atreus: That’s sad. Why would the scorpion do that?
Kratos: He was a scorpion. It is his nature to do harm.
Atreus: Oh… that’s just what Mom used to say about the gods.
Kratos: Your mother always spoke the truth. Enough stories.

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