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Almost done with my fifth or so play through the game, and there’s still a lot I’m finding.

God of War 4 - Almost done with my fifth or so play through the game, and there's still a lot I'm finding.

-"Rota, Gunnr, Skuld…" when you go to the Council of Eight to fight Sigrun and Mimir explains Valkyrie backgrounds. Skuld isn't in the game. So MAYBE WE FIGHT MORE VALKYRIES IN GOW5. I hope. Or maybe Berserkers instead of Valkyries.

-When you toss Mimir's head to Brok before walking up the stairs to Jotunheim, Kratos has the slightest smirk on his face in knowing he's somewhat torturing Mimir.

-Whenever there's a pivotal moment of dialogue between two characters (Kratos and Freya primarily), there's something between them that highlights the moment. When Freya tells Kratos she knows he's a god, Atreus is trying to pick herbs up to heal Hildisvini. Between them when they talk before the final battle with Baldur is Thamur's bracelet (with a word I can't translate) and that highlights something between the scene. But I have zero clue what it is or what it means.

-When Freya gives Kratos the travel rune to Helheim, the camera closes in on her face. It looks like her face is being sucked dry. Almost sickly. Clearly throughout the game she's getting darker tattoos on her maybe through her use of magic. Her fingertips, her arms and shoulders. But her face looking like it was draining was important.

-In a scroll, while looking for Andvari's hammer, he talks about his Soul Eater project. Apparently Surtr has Soul Eaters in his personal use, brought to them by his own personal request. And Andvari is terrified at what Surtr may be using them for.


-Early in the game, Atreus yells at Kratos asking why a fire troll would burn mother's garden. We haven't seen many fire trolls in the game but APPARENTLY Faye and the trolls knew each other. Barlog mentioned that they wanted the trolls to have their own fleshed out lore but time and space constraints didn't allow it. Odin and Tyr had made an arrangement between each other and apparently the trolls got lost in the mix (this is by Barlog's admission). It ended with almost the pure genocide of the troll tribes. Which explains why their first instinct is to attack. Because fuck everyone.

-Athena is a figment of Kratos's imagination. I'd call it PTSD but that's a rather loaded term. Mimir says "well I'm pretty sure you weren't talking to me back there. Anything you'd like to get off your chest, brother?" Which I think is the team's way if saying "we're gonna deal with his past as much as we need to". I take it to mean Athena isn't going to play an equivalent role in Norse myths as she did in Greek myths.

-A few of the giants in Jotunheim have their heads bashed in. There's dried blood on the mountains they're leaning against.

-I highly doubt Freya will be a villain in the next game. I can't imagine Odin will give her back her wings. If anything that could backfire on him when she figures out that Odin is the mind behind all of the mess she's been through.

-When you go to the Jotunheim realm tower in the realm between realms, there's no archaic runes etched on the braziers. Once the tower reappears, there's runes. No idea why the switch occurs though.

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