God of War

Am i the only one who didnt love this game initially? (i do now)

God of War 9 - Am i the only one who didnt love this game initially? (i do now)

dont get me wrong, having finished the story i think this game is a masterpiece of storytelling, but it gets so much praise across the board even outside of this sub that im wondering if i'm the only one who had a rocky start with the game. i almost put it down during the early game.

one thing that turned me off was kratos' interactions with boy early on. every time boy wanted to go do a side quest kratos (my character) would immediately tell him no. this i found jarring from a role playing stand point. i mean it makes sense that his character would say that, but im just as excited as boy is. furthermore, as a gamer in an open world guess what i did immediately after my character says no? thats right i did that side quest which immediately makes me feel like a massive hypocrite. it was probably only after mimir joined the party that i was able to roam the open world without feeling that way.


the other part that bothered me both early on and even later when i was collecting ravens was how empty the open world feels without anyone in it save the dwarves. mimir helps with this immensely with the story telling and the canoe parts were oddly cathartic, but killing your way to the end of an area only to have to walk back the way you came to get to the lake doesnt feel fun at all.

tl;dr loved the story but kratos personality doesnt mix with open world early on from a role players perspective, and open world feels lonely.

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