God of War

An alternate ending we will never get.

God of War 2 - An alternate ending we will never get.

First of all I know this is not going to happen in games, but I got this idea how gow could be connected through our reality. Keep in mind english is not my mother tongue and this is one of my first posts on Reddit (I have a few).

So Kratos and Artreus are expecting Ragnarok and all that. Thor comes and they fight, barely survivng until Odin comes and joins the fight, overpowered Odin manages to grab Artreus and hurts him in a terrible way (I wont linger on details, maybe he breaks his arm or something). kratos does everything in his power to stop him while becoming filled with pure rage, but Thor manages to get a hold of Artreus while Kratos is Fighting Odin and kills him. Kratos seeing once more his child dead, once again disconnected from his entire family, after so many years of seeking redemption and trying to change. Alone in this never ending cycle of death and war among gods he gets filled with anger and rage like never before, his mind clouded, drifting towards pure insanity he lets one defeaning roar towards Thor and starts mauling him to death, Odin tries to intervene but Kratos turns on him, his strength reaching limits never seen before starts deforming Odins face with his punches, Odin invites all of Asgard to help him. However Kratos is gone, his last clear thought was the reign of gods must end, his only purpose now is bloodshed and revenge. Entire might of Asgard comes only to see Kratos ripping apart father and son. They charge, but Kratos is now unstoppable, he fights everyone, gaining strength through combat, losing his mind as his body becomes a channel of anger. Now second pantheon of gods to fall, gods from all over the world have felt it and decided they need to put an end to this. The Dead from both norse and greek mythology, now free and seeing this opportunity to destroy godhood for all eternity come to aid Kratos. All gods come crashing down on him, and yet they all break on his fists and the spirits of dead like waves on rocks. After an onslaught, he falls on his knees seeing what he has done, wishing he had died at the hands of the barbarian king long ago. The dead, now from all the earth, some remembering what he had done in the past, some looking at him only as a last god that needs to be dealt with, start ripping his flesh from his bones. He just looks up in remorse and feels freedom in the form of pain, feels riddance of this curse that life was. And so the age of gods ended, humans not knowing how, named it myths and legends. And here we are now.

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P.S. I don't believe in any of this, just something that I thought would be interesting. Now having finally written this I see a number of flaws in the story i don't know how to fix, I still hope you enjoyed though.

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