God of War

An open letter to Cory Barlog & Neil Druckmann, From a fan whose life you saved.

God of War 1 - An open letter to Cory Barlog & Neil Druckmann, From a fan whose life you saved.

I apologize in advance for any incorrect grammar or odd phrasing , English isn't my native language.

After seeing the death threats & the vile, disgusting comments neil & his team are getting, I’ve finally decided to share my story & dedicate this to the people who’ve unknowingly saved my life.

In late 2013, I got hospitalized & was diagnosed HSP ( Henoch-Schönlein purpura ) & I used to be in alot of pain & was depended on painkillers to sleep…it took me 3 months to recover from it & in those 3 months I used to ask my father if I’d make it..I realized how much my father cared & loved me in those times, he used to barely sleep for 4 hrs & wouldn't even sleep or rest at all on certain days. Even my school's principal said that he'll expel me cause I wasn't able to attend my classes at that time. He didn't gave a f#ck about my health, my father got into a pretty heated argument with him…Eventually he agreed & nothing happened AT THAT TIME.

See, I never owned a ps3 & had no access to the internet until I owned a ps4 in march 2015 so, I had never played any of the beautiful games you guys made.

TBH I had played GOW 1 & 2…those were good games but I never felt any kind of connection & then I bought the last of us on ps4 & played it & fell in love with it…It reminded me how far people can go to protect those they love, especially a father.

Unfortunately, My father passed away 10 days before my 14th birthday i.e

On 22nd November 2015….

I wasn't very open with my father, he was very strict man, we didn't talk a lot & had trouble expressing ourselves to each other….I wish we did cause there's alot i wanted to say to him but i guess it's gonna stay with me ,until we meet again.

See, he had a pretty rough life himself, lost his father at a pretty young age too & had to take responsibility of his entire family as he was the eldest son….couldn't follow his dreams, had to get any job he could, so he could support his family, financially.

I was pretty f#cked up, had nightmares every single day, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t eat but people expected me to behave as if I'm fine cause boys aren't supposed to cry, express, I guess…atleast that was , what I was taught.


& guess what, just after 10 months of his passing,in september…I got expelled,without any proper reason.

So here I was ,a 13 year old….who had nothing to do & had nothing except pain, then E3 happened & the new GOW released, The father & Son story got my mind off edge & I felt good I finally felt happy after a long time but unfortunately that got lost over time & started to get miserable again, I started to have flashbacks before my eyes & I got extremely miserable over time & finally I decided to flip the switch on life But coincidently PSX happened that same day & It may & probably will sound stupid but somehow I convinced myself that, if I do this,I won't be able to play TLOU 2 & GOD OF WAR 5, afterall who doesn’t wanna fight thor & also know what happened to joel & ellie

cause since that day both GOD OF WAR & TLOU has always reminded me of his love & what he did for me & how much he went through himself & that gave me strength.I thought he was hard on me but looking back at it,I just remember the good stuff.

as of me writing this ,I have just finished part 2, 3 days ago & it hit real close to home cause I know what it feels like to lose, to feel if I just had a little more time, to not be able to see further, to feel lost….When Ellie smelled Joel’s jacket, When atreus couldn’t express himself or whenever Ellie looked at Joel’s watch. I knew how & what they felt….When Kratos had difficulty communicating with atreus, the way he got worried when atreus got sick, I felt & understood that. It reminded me of my relationship with my dad.

All I want to say to you guys, Neil, Cory, Halley, Chris Troy, Ashley, Sunny & everybody who has worked or was involved with both TLOU & GOD OF WAR in any capacity, THANK YOU,


& honestly…If it was possible I would love to talk to atleast any, if not all of you guys & tell you,how much of an effect you all & your art has had on me.

& I also hope that this reaches you & I hope that the wonderful people of this community help me with that.

I hope you all are safe & happy.

with all my love,


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