God of War

An Ordinary Defeat of GMGoW Sigrun by an ordinary wife and teacher.

God of War 6 - An Ordinary Defeat of GMGoW Sigrun by an ordinary wife and teacher.

Link: https://youtu.be/hiHht79TFbY

I've seen a lot of posts of people having a hard time against Sigrun in various difficulties. And I just thought I'd post an ordinary fight from an ordinary person that will hopefully inspire people to not give up.

I have been gaming a while, but I don't think myself particularly exceptional. I do like challenges, though, and tend to play on the hardest possible difficulties so I don't complete a game too quickly. As a souls/bloodborne player, I felt confident that my parry skills would translate fairly well and I believe they did.

I don't know how Sigrun is in lower difficulties, but she certainly doesn't let you button mash. On GMGoW, she honestly took me about 40 attempts (over 3 hours) to recognize her moves quickly AND press the correct button to mitigate her attempts to reign down agony upon me. I'm not one of these gamers that can kill her in GMGoW on the first attempt, nor am I the type that would attempt a Level 1, Zero Damage kill on any difficulty, let alone GMGoW.

I'm an ordinary person. A wife, math teacher, and slightly more-than-casual non-professional gamer. My biggest strength is that I'm just pretty fluent with the controller, so I don't need to mash buttons. Which is probably most of you, if not all. It's a fairly ordinary skill in 2019.


And she was not easy. But after over 3 hours, I was able to do it, and I promise you can, too. If it is taking you more time than me, maybe I had a little bit of an advantage having to face the other 8 on GMGoW difficulty and I only killed ONE of them on the first attempt. I also did them back-to-back before facing the queen as GMGoW sort of required me putting them all off until I could upgrade my gear and by then they were all that I had left in the game. If you fought them "here and there" or "took a break" it might just take you a little longer to have your memory jogged with all the moves. She seems very fast at first, but after a while, when you start to identify a move by the slightest changes in pixels, she starts to feel slower. Everything is telegraphed. I promise you can do it. Good luck!

My strategy was my own. I'm probably not using the "recommended loadout." But maybe there's something in this video that can help you. I also showed that the difficulty setting at the end of the fight if anyone was curious, but seeing as it was a 10 minute fight, the difficulty setting was probably pretty obvious. 🙂

Same Link As Above: https://youtu.be/hiHht79TFbY

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