God of War

Atreus’ godhood abilities?

God of War 4 - Atreus’ godhood abilities?

I found it interesting that the game hints at Atreus’ powers every now and then.

Wanted to discuss what could his powers be?

  1. Talk to animals. This is the first one they hint. Atreus is able to talk to the turtle and broks mount so he is able to speak to animals.

  2. Dagger and ranged expertise. Obvious.

  3. Super vitality, agility and intelligence. Mimir mentions that his ability to know the languages is already extraordinary for his age.

  4. Magical rune holding. He is able to hold the magic of runes in his body.

  5. At some point probably turn into a wolf, fly and give birth to the world serpent? There are only subtle hints to this at the end and during that boat ride after kratos tells him of his godhood.

  6. Spartan rage but instead of getting berserker strength, he basically travels or freezes time and that is what is ragnarok! This one is a stretch but I strongly believe that Loki has powers of time travel as his ultimate ability. I’m a hundred percent sure that the person who called the world serpent when kratos was carrying a sick Atreus was Atreus himself from the future. I think when he uses that spartan rage his spirit or some kind of manifestation travels through time. Mimir mentions that the world serpent can travel through time when he was fighting Thor. That’s probably the power of the world serpent being activated as his ultimate ability inherited from Loki. He even mentions that the world serpent tells him that the boy looked familiar. I believe the series will end with Loki perhaps triggering a change in time and stopping kratos from entering the temple where he kills his wife and family in god of war and then proceeding to trigger ragnarok which basically just destroys Midgard, killing the Norse gods and ending their cycle of terror.


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