God of War

“Best Boss Fight Ever” Kratos Vs Thor

God of War 7 - "Best Boss Fight Ever" Kratos Vs Thor

Idk when will this fight happen. It surely will happen in the next game because it was hyped so much. From Mimir telling us how much of an asshole and bloodthirsty Thor is to the dream Atreus saw of Thor showing up in front of their house. Remember Atreus is a giant and he can feel things that are about to happen, it was shown in the game how he felt the forest has changed after Kratos chopped out the tree with Faye's markings.

Anyway, getting back to the topic. I think this pretty can be the best boss fight in the video game industry. Santa Monica Studios are no strangers on making epic boss fights plus with their latest success they will have reasonable budget to make fights even more epic. They are noticing everything that was negative about the first game and trying to fix that. Even tho I personally didn't had any problem with the lack of boss fights and trolls considered as mini boss fights, a lot people were a bit disappointed by that. The only disappointment for me was when Kratos had to go to Helheim, and was about to fight the bridge keeper and take his heart. I was hyped for the boss fight, I imagined it to be a large ice creature. As I climbed the ledge I saw a eagle and I almost thought we were fighting that. Much to my disappointment I also saw a troll who was guardian and was the bridge-keeper himself.


Anyway the reason why i wanted to discuss this was due to the "secret ending". I completed the game for the 5th time i guess and saw the secret ending every time. Even tho the ending was short, it gave me chills every time I watched it. Literally "CHILLS". From Kratos waking up to a thunderstorm which was breaking into their house while grabbing his Axe and moving out of the house to see who's causing the mayhem. Which made me think how epic SMStudios can actually make the boss fight between Kratos VS Thor. The secret ending also made Thor look like a beast, I have never seen a god in GOW who can cause chaos by just showing up in front of you standing. It seemed like Thor probably does it on purpose to display is power.

This fight can probably be the best anyone has ever seen. I am so hyped for this fight. And I know SMStudios won't let us down with this one. This fight will surely be their main priority with a bit of improved combat.

Anyway, let me know what y'all think about how will the fight go. How will Kratos counter Thor's thunder elements and his Mjolnir blows? Is Leviathan Axe is really that capable of counter a hammer that can break mountains? Will blades play a role in Thor demise? How will the physical fight go between them? Can Thor possibly replace Baldur on being the best opponent he has ever faced? And finally can it be the biggest challenge for Kratos???

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