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Changes for God of War 5

God of War 6 - Changes for God of War 5

God of War 2018 is a good game. Its not great but there's a ton of potential in this game. The next God of War needs to improve on this game's combat and environment.

These are changes that might make the next God Of War a lot better. You may disagree with a lot of these.

These are my opinions of course.

  • Better enemy variety.
  • Current skill tree is base skill tree.
  • Pause combos do more damage but are less likely to stun.
  • More iFrames at the end of Executioner's cleave.
  • Improvement or removal of the runic attacks system. As of now, they encourage long defensive combat which makes the experience boring.
  • Some of the runic attacks are now part of the moveset of the weapons.
  • More consistent environments: GOW18 always had problems with the environment. Freezing an enemy and kicking him for massive damage doesn't work everywhere (even if the surroundings are a similar type).
  • Environments are substance over style.
  • Enemies should fall off ledges, not hit an invisible wall.
  • Make Atreus feel like he is a part of the world: Right now he is a companion that teleports conveniently.
  • Faster weapon switching. Or

  • Kratos can drop down ledges.
  • No more invisible walls on ledges. If you fall, it's your fault. (like the Souls games)
  • Improved versions of Ancients or removed completely.
  • Nightmares do less damage, and don't dodge the only attack we can hit them with.
  • Elves or flying enemies don't fall off ledges.
  • The one shot camera idea is less of a priority.
  • Better fast travel.
  • More Mimir stories.
  • Fights with enemies (not bosses) are shorter.
  • The level of Kratos is not prioritized over stats. (or stats are removed completely)
  • No forced walk and talk scenes.
  • Cinematic ambitions are not prioritized over gameplay. (Walk and Talk scenes, the walk with the boar, the tree turtle)
  • More engaging dragon fight. Using an earlier established mechanic in a boss fight is good, but it was the only way to win.
  • Puzzles with less obvious solutions.
  • Climbing walls is dangerous. Traps, ambushes and more.
  • Boat rides are dangerous, but much less than climbing.
  • Special Effects don't block your vision. In excess of the SFX, Kratos and enemies are highlighted.
  • Platforming.
  • Opening and carrying things are now a breeze for Kratos.
  • A real-time menu for upgrading, changing equipment.
  • Witches are removed.
  • Less checkpoints. Every death in this game is trivial because of frequent checkpoints.
  • Realm Shift attacks no longer do damage to Kratos.
  • Atreus can die.
  • Less restrictive world.
  • Better indicators for parry and dodge.
  • Arenas now can be taken advantage of to fight the boss.
  • An expanded version of Niflheim and Muspelheim.
  • More finishers. (-)
  • Better audio queues.
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Post more suggestions below.

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