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God of War 9 - Combat thoughts

First of all, I love the game, so everything I'm about to say is just a very small fault the game (I think) suffers from being a 10/10 (for me). Everything is very well done and every second surprises me in some way. But the combat design is a bit questionable imo. I fell like it doesn't know what it wants to be.

First, the close up camera vs the stage. The enemies in this game come and attack in all directions and but the game seems to really discourage switching targets. The camera will always soft lock onto the enemy in front of you and it's hard to turn and switch target on the fly (sure the 180 turn solves this but…only partially). Bloodborne works because the enemies are only in the front or there's one 1-5 enemies in the field at one time. With more than 5 enemies attacking at the same time, I feel like more zoomed out camera works better (KH, Witcher, old Gow, Batman, etc).


Second, hard mode is horrible. The game makes it challenging in a bad way by increasing enemies health absurdly. I think this is a classically bad and lazy way of adding a difficult mode to the game.

Ok that's the end of my rant, and I'm wondering if anyone thinks the same. And again, I think the game is great but if the combat is different, it'll definitely be one of the best games of all times. But with the current combat, it will only be a 9/10 in my list.

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