God of War

Coming back to God of War (2018) after almost 2 years.

God of War 1 - Coming back to God of War (2018) after almost 2 years.

I wanted to see if this game is a great as I remember. I booted up my PS4 (these days I seldom have the drive to play games anymore) and, well, I see my latest game. 3.6.2018, well it has been a while. Give me God of War New Game +. Council of Valkyries.

It seems I had issues pending in that savefile. Well, now I remember why I stopped playing, too.

So cue me remembering all commands with the goddamn Sigrun in her peak. I sold all my gold gear griding for money to upgrade my Sindri's cooldown gear. And after two days trying, I finally kill her and complete my Armor of Zeus set.

Mind you, there was this one attempt I almost killed her she had literally half a square of health left (and I remember the previous times I killed her, including normal GMGOW, when the R3 prompts around this point) so I just got cocky and tried to approach her for another runic attack instead of using my Spartan Rage and throw a rock at her from afar. I had already used my resurrection stone. She killed me with that yellow wave thingy comboed with the flying discs.

I was shaking afterwards, so close, so close. I almost quit. But then, by that point I was already pretty tuned to her timers, using rage to block those fly-to-the-sky stompings and thank Atreus has those goddamn great wolves.


So I killed the queen, finish some stuff missing (like the ravens). And I'm currently in a new game plus. I decided that once killing Sigrun in both GMGOW and GMGOW+ I had nothing left to prove, I will just enjoy the game. I have had previous runs in which I just went Give me Story with no HUD, but this time I chose the normal setting.

Things I have noticed so far:

With full Zeus, I can just swing my blades a few times and everyone's dead. I am level 10, by the way.

Kratos really hammers in that gods don't care about mortals and are evil. I'm not even surprised when BOY decides that, as a god, he shouldn't care either.

All the twists on the Norse mythology makes the story really interesting.

How long it takes for you to get Mimir! He seemed so integral in my memories but if you do exploring you will have several hours without a talking Scottish head.

I remember at the time one thing I thought about this game is that there's little enemy variety and few bosses but, now… I don't know, still few but you often get new enemy types as the story progresses. As for bosses, they are sorta conditional? The first troll is a boss, even if later they are just fodder. Same with the Dark Elf king.

I'm still in the first round trip around the lake of nine though.

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