God of War

Could Loki Be The Sequel’s Villain?

God of War 9 - Could Loki Be The Sequel's Villain?

So, we all know that Atreus grows up to become Loki and something time travel happens, he gets sent to the past, the World Serpent gets sent to the past and Fenrir is born. For some reason, Odin releases Fenrir's sons and they bring Kratos to Midgard. Now, I'm not the most educated on Norse mythology aside from the book Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman, which was a while ago, so I'll be honest, I'm very likely wrong about some of this stuff.

But, essentially, after the murder of Baldur by Hodr, Loki humiliates the Aesir to such a degree at a dinner that even Odin cannot stop him. Thor comes in and Loki gets scared and shuts the fuck up. Loki is soon thereafter taken by the Aesir to a cave deep within the Earth with his wife Sigyn and their two sons. One son is transformed into a werewolf and made to kill the other son, whose guts are then used to chain a despondent Loki. A snake is positioned to drip venom into Loki's eyes for all eternity, with Sigyn collecting the venom in a bowl and dumping it when it gets full. When she dumps it, the snake drips so hard that Loki goes woo on a bitch and tries to escape his bonds, his strength triggering earthquakes. Eventually, Loki breaks free with such force that Ragnarok begins. He goes to Hel and has his daughter Hela lead the legions of the dead out against the Aesir, his son Fenrir is freed and the end of the Gods begins.


So, what if the villain in the second game isn't Thor, isn't Odin, but it's Loki? We know that Ragnarok is coming and Odin knows how he dies. So what if he let Fenrir's sons drag Kratos to Midgard to change the timeline, bring him there in a different manner than he would have come and ultimately change the order of things. Ragnarok happens sooner, Loki breaks free and Kratos takes Heimdall's place against him. What if that's the crux of Odin's trickery: have Kratos kill his own son to present him with a choice:

  1. To ensure that Odin is killed, allow Atreus to live his life as it would has gone down in the timeline. Let him go back in time, become blood brother to the Gods by exchanging blood with Odin, father the beasts and eventually destroy the world as we know it only to get killed by his own father in the end.
  2. Change Atreus' fate at the cost of Odin no longer being bound by Ragnarok and surviving to continue his hustle, his grand trickery in pursuit of knowledge, once more, this time Jinder unhindered.

Then again, I am going off of what I remember and not any research, so I may be totally off base.

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