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Couple of questions

God of War 5 - Couple of questions
  1. How did all the giants die in jotunheim? I can’t imagine it was of natural causes as they are strewn about in a rather morbid fashion, but it couldn’t have been the aesir right? According to mimir, Odins goal is to reach jotunheim because the giants hold the key to changing his fate come ragnarok, but if the giants are dead, wasnt he already there? So maybe Odin didn’t send baldr after kratos because he’s a suspected giant (despite what the game implies) but Odin instead just wants to kill kratos and Atreus because they’re a threat. If that’s the case, why does mimir think otherwise? Realm travel has been unavailable for 150 winters, while mimir has been imprisoned for 109 winters, meaning that if the aesir went to jotunheim and killed all the giants, he would’ve known. What I mean is if the aesir didn’t kill them, what did? Also I’m aware that Thor and Odin did go to jotunheim at one point, but they didn’t kill all the giants. (Also I call bullshit on that “giants are just a race” line. Nearly every giant we see in game is freakin massive)

  2. Are Fayes ashes magical? We know Faye is really old, at least older than 150 winters, and has knowledge of magic, as she knew frost could disable scorn poles. This could mean she could be capable of doing “old magic” that can raise the dead like freya used old magic to revive mimir. I’m not entirely sure, but I doubt vanir magic and old magic are the same thing because mimir wouldn’t have suggested to use vanir magic to revive him as freya is the only vanir in midgard, and he says “find someone” instead of find the one person who can help me. Anyway, I’m wondering if Faye could decided that burning herself (we know whatever magic that revived mimir needs fire btw) and having her family scatter her ashes over jotunheim would eventually bring back the giants. We also know that she argued with the other giants before staying in Midgard, probably because she, being their only protector, told the other giants of her plan to have her family scatter her ashes to revive them, knowing the giants would all die. The other giants probably did not like this plan as it involved them dying, and might not work. What’s more, Faye sent her family specifically to jotunheim. She could have had a mural made anywhere else should she have only wanted them to know about Loki and kratos’ possible death and whatnot, but she wanted them to go to jotunheim. Not just jotunheim, but the tallest peak, where her ashes would spread all over. Now, I was wondering myself why no giants are revived so soon, but I think the reasoning would be that these giants have been dead for a very long time; they’ve been dead for at least longer than Atreus has been alive. Additionally, we have to account for the ashes themselves. Even if one grain of ash only has to get to a giant, the ashes are still going to take some time to get there. Furthermore, mimir had to be in contact with it for moments (and I’m sure the liquid is more potent than ash) and he’s just a head. I’m sure the revival effect would take much longer to spread through a giant. Most importantly though, is that time moves much slower in jotunheim, so maybe once the next game picks up “years later” we might see some giants walking around.

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