God of War

Deciphered Jörmungandr? Or am I just crazy?

God of War 2 - Deciphered Jörmungandr? Or am I just crazy?

Hey All,

TLDR : On a bored workday, I was slowing down and speeing up the Jörmungandr dialog, and I thought I understood things he said. Perhaps I'm right perhaps I'm wrong. Idk.

I have heard somewhere that Jörmungandr in the Game speaks a made up tongue, that actually doesn't exists, and when you listen to it the first time this might just be what you think as well, a bunch of gibberish words distorted with effects, but today being a holiday (Whit-Monday) and I'm working and not a lot of things are happening, I thought to pass the time, I watch some of my favourite scenes included the Jörmungandr scenes, and that is when it hit me, back then in Mortal Kombat Deception when entered Netherrealm,the native language sounded creepy at first but then it turned out that it is the dev's voices reversed saying shit like "If you can hear this you have way too much time" and "Eat well, drink milk and listen to your parents" so I thought in this spirit what if Jörmungandr as well holds a fun little easter egg never found. But instead of reversing the speach I first off started with slowing it down, and it worked, well for some of the parts, some parts have to be sped up and the following things are what I could made out, when Jormüngandr was talking :

I used this video :

From 1:40 to 1:48 "I love you/I know you, this is circle" – May be referring to Ragnarok, the reoccurring event, or another thing that may enforce the theory that the world serpent is Kratos's embodiment after an Aesir(Perhaps Freya) has struck him deadly, and Loki tried to save him thus giving birth to the World Serpent


From 1:55 to 2:05 is really hard to understand even in the given circumstances so when sped up to 1.25 I think I heard the following : "I thought you end the war. " – This may be a reference to the war between the Aesir and the Jotun which brings Ragnarok upon with Loki's lead. Seeing that the World serpent was fighting against Thor who hit him so hard he fell down the branches of Yggdrassil, it may be that Kratos has indeed been turned into the Serpent, and he never saw what happened after that, and now gets confirmation that Loki didn't change or couldn't change anything to stop the upcomming Ragnarok

At 3:33 What I could understand the Serpent only says "Talk"

From 3:47 to 3:53 I could ony understand "I know you…." and the last part might be gibberish

From 4:23 to 4:26 I heard "I know their pain"

From 4:26 to 4:36 I can understand "This time, I save him" or "This time I save you" while looking at Loki

From 6:00 to 6:16 I believe it is only gibberish

It is really possible that in the end there is nothing to it, just my mind and my boredom gave birth to something I wanted to hear, but knowing that the actual voice of Jörmungandr, is Cory Balrog talking being distorted and edited over with multiple effects, may just be something worth considering, as I'm currently working, and not a sound engineer, maybe someone who knows about sound engineering can take a crack at it and perhaps try to cut out the voice of Cory and make a clean version of it to prove me wrong or right. Considering , this is something worth to be proven wrong or right.

Sorry for the long ass essay about something I think I might heard.
I thought this might be something worth sharing.

Also, if Cory Balrog ever reads this, thank you for the journey man. I adore you and I'm aspiring to be someone like you in the gaming industry.

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