God of War

Did Sekiro Borrow Too Much From God Of War 4?

God of War 4 - Did Sekiro Borrow Too Much From God Of War 4?

Let me start this by saying that i am a fan of Sekiro and enjoyed the game very much, I am not a God of War 'fan boy', although i am loving God of War.

In my opinion Bloodborne was an awesome game, one of my favorite of all time and many gamers feel the same.

However, the game did not appeal to 'casuals' and worldwide sales of Bloodborne were poor when compared to the massive sales of God of War 4 and Spiderman, which is why Bloodborne 2 has still not been given the green light to go into production.




The end goal of any company (even an artistic one) is to make money, that is the bottom line.

It is therefore my belief that Fromsoft looked into ways to make their games appeal to a much wider audience, including 'casuals' and therefore generating more money.

To achieve this they looked to the biggest selling games for ideas. These games were God of War 4 and Spiderman.

They kept the fabulous world design from their Soulsborne games and added in the most popular things from the worlds biggest selling games. God of Wars combat system and Spidermans ability to grapple and swing. To top it off they then brought Activision onboard.

There is nothing wrong with any of this and God of War certainly borrowed from other games, such as Dark Souls, Last of Us, Tomb Raider, Diablo, Gears of War etc etc

Corey Barlog and the God of War 4 team then put all of these ingredients together to create something that 'tasted' fresh and original which is what all great works of art do.


The difference with Sekiro though is that in my opinion it borrowed way too much from one single game, God of War 4, and this then borders on plagiarism rather than originality.

A few of the things i have noticed so far are;

Ability to resurrect character for one more attempt.

Death blow when enemy posture is weakened and red icon appears

Heavy counter attack focus

Bosses surrounded by regular enemies

Enemies using fire attacks from distance

Some attacks need to be blocked/parried and others dodged

Giant white serpent

Main characters story intertwines with that of a young boy

Fan design shield

Map interchangeable powerful attack to R1+L1

Items left in field can be collected from loot box at base camp…

I had been playing Sekiro solid since release day and finished the game last Wednesday, i also enjoyed every minute.

I, like a lot of people, felt that the combat system was fresh and original and was in awe of things like the giant white serpent.

However i had never played God of War 4..

Until now.

So i am currently playing God of War 4 and am constantly feeling like it is a rip-off of Sekiro and then have to remind myself that God of War was released 11 months before Sekiro and was in fact first unveiled way back in 2016.

This was when people, including Shigaru Miyamoto and Fromsoft, got their first look at God of Wars combat system and World Serpent etc

This leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth as it would not be the first time Miyamoto 'borrowed' a little too much from another work of art. I am referring of course to the heavy influence of the Manga 'Berserk' on his game Dark Souls.

So what do you guys think?

Am I crazy?

Or have you noticed any other things that Sekiro has lifted from God Of War 4? (I am still playing it so no doubt i will discover more as i progress).

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