God of War

Difficulty settings are very unbalanced

God of War 1 - Difficulty settings are very unbalanced

I'm new to PS and I didn't play any of pre-reboot GOW games so I can't compare, but I'm fan of Dark Souls and I find those to have very balanced difficulty – basically stuff hits hard, but so do you and you can nuke down most of the bosses if you are experienced with mechanics, etc..

Now God of War lets you select difficulty – which means they there is raising or lowering the bar of difficulty going on and frankly it's done in extremely lazy fashion.

Where is my problem. Basically – 2nd difficulty (so called balanced one) is way too easy for me – mainly because stuff does barely any damage. Give me challenge has about right incoming damage for my taste – but the problem is – mobs get extremely tanky – and this is so lazy design, because one – it drags the fight time into oblivion compared to 2nd difficulty and two – it just adds artificial challenge to your patience – it has nothing to do with your skill.


So basically 2nd is too easy – 3rd is too tedious, drags too much to a point I start making mistakes because I'm simply getting bored from fighting trash mob for too long.

I generally hate scaling thru tons of HP, it's just lazy, it's never fun and it doesn't add any skill based difficulty…

So what do I do? I'd like incoming damage of 3rd setting and HP/deff of 2nd difficulty (which would be closer to dark souls difficulty levels), but there's no such thing… Sigh 🙁

Besides – the game is awesome, it plays nice, it looks cool and stuff is very interesting – but sadly I can't find difficulty that would give me fair challenge but didn't drag into oblivion.

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