God of War

Discussion and theories about upcoming titles (potential spoilers)

God of War 6 - Discussion and theories about upcoming titles (potential spoilers)

I was browsing through similar posts in this subreddit and was surprised to find very few discussions about the content of upcoming titles. And I think we already know enough to discuss 3 main topics:

1– We know that the next game is going be to about Ragnarok (or maybe the period of the three winters before) due to Kratos killing Baldur, the dwarves announcing the early coming of the winter (the three winters), the secret scene of Thor appearing at Kratos’ home, etc. Moreover, I found the game story and lore to be pretty accurate in regards to the actual Norse mythology.

So I looked at the wiki page for Ragnarok and found some pretty interesting information like the death of important figures such as Loki… I don’t know if they will stick to the mythology entirely, but there are very very important and cool pieces of information on the wiki page and I highly suggest that you guys read it (or not if you don’t want to spoil it) https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ragnarök

2– In the same vein, we saw and we know that Kratos will face death due to the drawings at the end of the game. But since he’s Kratos and since, Cory said he would have enough content for 5 other games, it’s safe to assume it wouldn’t mean the end of Kratos necessarily.


My personal opinion is that Kratos will be killed in a battle with Thor (or Freya), will go to hell and will finally unleash all of its inhabitants and demons (potentially will have the chance to ride that monstrous badass eagle-looking guardian out of hell)

3– Also, concerning the statement that Cory made about the content for 5 more games, my assumption is that the Norse mythology will end in potentially 1 or 2 games. The last one having a closure in the relationship between Kratos and Atreus. In other words, Atreus will either die, which is more likely IMO since it’s more dramatic, it fits the mythology, it frees Kratos from his father role and gives him a reason to continue his god killing spree (other games) OR Atreus will live and stay in the Scandinavian area of the world. And the last games would clearly take place in Egypt, it has been foreshadowed when Kratos and Mimir talks about the different war signs in the different mythologies and we see the Egyptian sign in the corner.

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It’s the only mythology that is rich and well known enough to host proper antagonists (Ra, Anubis, Osiris, etc.) IMO

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